Saturday, September 25, 2010

BatRep: Salamanders Space Marines VS Necrons

I managed to get in last night for Games Night at the local GW. Met lots of people and had a great time :) Also got a game in vs Salamanders Space Marines which was great!

Onto the Army Lists:

Space Marine Salamanders List

1x Space Marine Chaplain 130pts
Terminator Armor
Storm Bolter
Crozius Arcanum

5x Assault Terminators 200pts
2 LC/ and 3 TH/SS

Dreadnought 105pts
Dred CCW/ Storm bolter
Drop Pod 45pts
Locater Beacon
10x Tactical Space Marines 175pts
Plasma cannon

10x Tactical Space Marines 175pts
Missile Launcher
Fast Attack
5x Vanguard Veterans 190pts
Sgt with free Power weapon
1x Vet with Power weapon
Jump Packs
Heroic Intervention

Grand Total: 1020pts

Necrons List

The Deceiver 3**pts

10x Necron Warriors 18*pts

10x Necron Warriors 18*pts

Fast Attack
3x Necron Destroyers 15*pts

3x Necron Destroyers 15*pts

Grand Total: 960pts

The Setup:

Mission: Capture and Control

Deploy Forces: Pitched Battle

Salamanders won starting roll but elected to allow Necrons to deploy and take first turn.

Salamanders placed objective on 3rd storey of a Ruined Building.

Necrons placed objective on ground floor next to the exterior of a Ruined Building.

Necrons Deployment:
Warrior Squad 2 deployed behind ruined building almost at edge of board.
Deceiver deployed on the right of Warrior Squad 2.
Warrior Squad 1 deployed behind barrier on the side of ruined building to the left.
Destroyers Squad 1 and 2 deployed spread out behind Warrior Squad 1.

Salamanders Deployment:
Tactical Squad 1 deployed on second and third floor of ruined building.
Tactical Squad 2 deployed behind barrier.
Chaplain and Termis & Vanguard Vets all Deepstriking.
Dreadnought with Drop Pod will Deepstrike in on Salamanders Turn 1.

Turn One

Necrons Turn 1
All Necron Warrior squads did not move.
Destroyers shuffled slightly forwards 2 inches and shot at Tactical Squad 2. A total of 5 Salamanders go down.
No Assaults.

Salamanders Turn 1
Dreadnought Deepstrike into courtyard of Ruined Building via Drop Pod.
No other SM movement.
Dread fires Multimelta at Destroyer Squad 2 and downs one. Will roll for WBB on Necron turn.
Drop Pod fires at Destroyer Squad 2 but all saves made.
Plasma cannon fire from SM Squad 1 shoot and down for 2 Warriors from Warrior Squad 1. WBB rolls for the Warriors next Necron turn.

Turn Two

Necrons Turn 2
A Destroyer from Squad 2 and 1 Warrior from Squad 1 fails WBB.
Deceiver smiles and moves behind Dreadnought.
No other movement.
Warrior Squads 1&2 shoot at Dreadnought. It is Shaken, Stunned and CCW arm is destroyed.
Destroyers Squad 1 & 2 shoot at SM Squad 2 again and wipe them out.
Deceiver charges Drop Pod and destroys it. Explosion of 3 inches hurts no one.

Salamanders Turn 2
Salamanders player rolls for Deep Strike. Only Vanguard Vets come in. They managed to land only 4 inches away from Warrior Squad 1. A good Deepstrike roll :)
SM Squad 1 fire Plasmacannon again and 2 Warriors from Squad 1 fall. Missile launcher from SM Squad 2 fire at Destroyers of Squad 2 but is armor save is made successfully.
Vanguard Vets roll difficult terrain to charge Warrior Squad 1, but rolls a 1 and 2 !?! Vanguard Vets fail charge....

Turn Three

Necrons Turn 3
1 Warrior from Squad 1 does not make WBB roll.
Deceiver again displays a predatory smile as he moves towards Vanguard Vets.
All Destroyer Squads move 6 inches forward.
All firepower from Warriors and Destroyers directed at Vanguard Vets, and wipe them out. Deceiver runs forward towards direction of SM Squad 1.

Salamanders Turn 3
Assault Terminators with Chaplain Deepstrike in successfully behind a ruined building.
No other movement.
Termis run into ruined building.
Plasmacannnon shoots again and targets Destroyer Squad 1. A Destroyer goes down, but will make WBB roll next turn.

Turn Four

Necrons Turn 4
The destroyer from Squad 1 makes WBB roll :)
Deceiver moves and Runs further towards direction of SM Squad 1 and Termis.
Warriors Squad 2 moves to secure Necron objective and shoots at Dreadnought, Stunning and Shaking it again.
Warrior Squad 1 moves forwards 4 inches and Runs 3 inches.
Destroyers Squad 1 and 2 move 12 inches closer to get in range of SM Squad 1.
Destroyers are in range and all fire at SM Squad 1. 3 Salamanders go down, and they fail moral on a 2D6 roll of 11...SM Squad 1 moves 7 inches downwards and auto-rally next turn.

Salamanders Turn 4
SM Squad 1 moves back 6 inches onto 2nd floor of Ruined Building they were earlier in.
Termis and Chaplain move and charge Deceiver. Deceiver decides to engage in combat and down 2 Lightning Claw Terminators. Chaplain hits but fails to wound Deceiver. Deceiver takes 3 wounds from Thunder Hammers but saves all but one. Deceiver at Initiative 1 next turn.

Turn Five

Necrons Turn 5
All Destroyers turbo boost towards enemy objective.
Warrior Squad 1 moves and Runs toward direction of enemy objective as well.
Warrior Squad 2 does not move but shoots Dreadnought again immobilising it twice and blowing off its Multimelta. Dread unable to contest Necron objective as its just 5 inches away.
Chaplain does nothing to Deceiver. Only 2 Thunder Hammer strikes wound Deceiver but all wounds saved. Deceiver targets 2 attacks at Chaplain, one attack wounds and kills him. The other 2 attacks wound and account for 2 TH/SS termis. Remaining Termi falls back 6 inches and the Deceiver does not catch him.

Salamanders Turn 5
Remaining Termi moves towards 6 inches towards Destroyer Squad 1's direction.
SM Squad 1 fires rapid fires bolters and Plasmacannon at Destroyer Squad 1 but only down one.
Termi charges at takes out Destroyer Squad 1, he consolidates towards SM table edge.

Roll of 5 on Turn dice and Turn 6 ensues.

Turn Six

Necrons Turn 6
Deceiver moves towards SM Squad 1 and uses Deceive but they pass morale.
Warrior Squad 1 moves and Runs forwards for fun.
Destroyers move to ruined building and shoot at SM Squad 1 and kill another 2 Salamanders.

Salamanders Turn 6
SM Squad 1 fires everything at Deceiver but do no wounds.
Remaining Termi moves further towards ruins.

A '2' is rolled on the Turn dice and the Game Ends. It is a Draw.

After battle musings...
Salamanders really need to assault or shoot the Deceiver en masse, not piecemeal.
I forgot to include my 3 Scarab Swarms on the table. They could have boosted with Destroyers and acted as speed bump to the remaining TH/SS termi and maybe prevented him from charging my Destroyers Squad 1.

Also not sure if on Salamanders Turn 5, if the Thunder Hammer Termi wounds the Destroyers from Squad 1, am i still eligible for my turbo boost invuln save?

A really fun battle with Big D providing the most entertainment again ;P


Thought for the Day:
A wise man thinks it more advantageous not to join the battle than to win.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld


  1. Looks like an exciting game. Once again the Deceiver survives the thunder hammer onslaught =)

    Love your little icons to reprsent your models too. How did you do them. They are, erm, rather adorable! I love them!

  2. somehow i got some errors when posting at 1st. Will try again.

    I love reading your batrep, very clear and easy to follow. Once again you have beaten the odds and manage a draw even with a 60pt handicap. You would had won if the game went on to turn 7.

    On turn 5, your deceiver IC cannot split attacks if it aim the chaplain IC in close combat. It either allocate all atks to the enemy IC or hit all the "normal guys".

    Let say you killed the chaplain by aiming him. The terminators will be stuck in combat for longer and will prevent them from killing off your destroyers. Winning you the game. Correct?

  3. @Krom: Thanks man. I got the icons from googleing it under images. I later found the same icons are from a Necron website.

    @crazyrat: Ah i see, we asked the store guys for advice and he said we can allocate the attacks lol!

    Yar manz, it would be better to lock them in combat.I could actually ignore the Chaplain as strength 4 can't hurt toughness 8 ;P

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Typo... anyway, an IC is a single model unit in close combat and A single model can only target A unit in close combat. (think a solo SM sgt with PF and 2 atks, if he multi charge 2 units he only can atk 1 unit even he btb with 2 units)

    So both the deceiver and the chaplain are single model unit in close combat. The terminators are another unit. The single model unit (deceiver) either aim the chaplain or the terminators if he btb with both. Cannot split atks between the 2 units.

  6. Cool! I will remember this for my coming battles :)) Thanks YC!

  7. Turbo boost cover save only applies during the shooting phase. Although one would assume that hitting a fast moving figure WITH A THUNDER HAMMER would be incredibly difficult.

    Good battle report.

    One thing to note - you cannot double immobilize a vehicle. Multiple 'immobilized' results caount as weapon destroyed. When the figure or tank is immobilized and all weapons are destroyed, they are considered 'Destroyed -Wrecked'.