Sunday, September 26, 2010

BatRep: Necrons VS Space Wolves


Theres a GW Conflict Event happening at the game store. I was there for casual games but was entered into the event as I was going to be playing games anyways haha!

My first game was to be against the Space Wolves. His army list also consisted of small and higher points cost units. The battle was bloody but brief, ended in only 45 minutes instead of the 1 hour time slot given ;)

Space Wolves Army List 1000pts

1x Logan Grimnar 275pts

Dreadnaught w/ Multimelta 130pts
Extra Armor
Heavy Flamer

5 Wolf Guard with Termi Armor 285pts
3x TH/SS, 2x LC

10x Grey Hunters 165pts
1x Flamer
Power Weapon
Fast Attack
6x Skyclaws 138pts
Mark of Wulfen
Power weapon

Total: 996pts

Necron Army List remains unchanged. List can be found here.

Mission: Seize Ground (3 Objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle



The Battle Unfolds:

Turn One

Necron Turn 1
All Warrior Squads move 3 inches forward towards objective.
All Destroyers move up 6 inches. Deceiver moves towards left side of board.
Destroyer 1 & 2 shoots Logan and his Termis. Only 1 Termi fails save and goes down.
Scarabs move in front of Destroyers.
Space Wolves Turn 1
Logan and Termis move and run forward towards Necrons.
Dreadnought moves and Runs as well.
Grey Hunters move up to building and sit on objective placed on 2nd floor.
Skyclaws move towards Warrior 1 and runs.

Turn Two

Necrons Turn 2
Deceiver moves in ruins and runs a might 1 inch.
Destroyers 1 fire at Skyclaws and kill 3.
Destroyers 2 and Warriors 2 fire at Dreadnought and destroy its CCW arm. Its also stunned.

Space Wolves Turn 2
Logan and Termis move and shoot storm bolter and an assault cannon at Necron Warriors 1. No casualties as all saves made.
Dread continues move and shoots at warrior 2 but misses.
Skyclaws fly into ruins avoiding Scarabs and charge Destroyer 1. Skyclaw with Mark of Wulfen and Power weapon misses all attacks!!

Turn Three

Necrons Turn 3
Deceiver charges and kills Skyclaws.
Destroyers 1 and 2 shoot at Logan and Termis again and kill another Wolf Guard.
Warriors 1 shoot at Logan and Termis but do not damage.
Warriors 2 shoot at Dreadnought now in rapid fire range and destroy another weapon, its also immobilised.

Space Wolves Turn 3
Logan and Termis move and shoot assault cannon and storm bolter at Destroyers but the 2 wounds inflicted are saved.

Turn Four

Necrons Turn 4
Scarabs move 12 inches to 1 inch of Logan and Termis. Deceiver also moves and runs towards Logan's squad.
All Destroyers fire at Logan and Termis but do no damage.
Warrior 2 moves and runs towards own objective. Warrior 1 moves towards direction of Logan's Termis.

Space Wolves Turn 4
Logan and Termis sense last turn may be near. They move backwards and run towards objective on Aquila as Wolf Guard are troops. They shoot at Deceiver and wounds once, but he makes his save.

Turn Five

Necrons Turn 5
Deceiver moves towards Logan and charges. Wolf Guard Termis all killed. Logan does not manage to wound Deceiver despite all attacks hitting.
Warriors 1 try to move but roll poorly for DT and run 1 inch lol! Unable to contest objective on Aquila.
Destroyers forget to fire lol!

Space Wolves Turn 5
Nothing moves. Logan fights Deceiver again and suffers 2 wounds. Deceiver takes no injury again.

Game Ends. Its a Draw.

I was impressed by amount of shots those Destroyers could pump out. And the shooting of the gauss weapons also made glancing hits really good as they were so many of them. The time limit on games made the atmosphere a bit more tense as all the guys wanted to finish their game ;)


  1. The infamous 'anything but a ONE' roll! Always earns a good laugh after the game lol. Thanks for the wonderful report once again.

    Not sure if it will work but will moving the destroyers closer to the middle as you shoot the Logan squad helped, followed by a last turn turboboost to contest the Greyhunters' objectives?

    Looks like a fun game! Maybe the 'Tampines Rovers' gang can squeeze a short 1000points game too before our fantasy games =)

  2. @Krom: No probs bro ;)

    It was really fun and we had a good laugh over how fast it went. We just really wanted the epic showdown between Logan and Deceiver. We were ignoring a lot of other stuff. We were not very motivated to capture objectives lol!

    I was considering moving the Destroyers forward but was too worried that Logan would close combat them to death, quite easily.

  3. WOW a close draw again! Just 1 more turn for the win!

    Too bad the ah pek never die! Deceiver really is *god mode on*

  4. Ah Pek never dies, Crazyrat. Never! lol

    Agree that it was a very close game man! Keep your battle reports coming!

  5. Haha! Logan is one tough wolf man! ;)

    The Deceiver is the main workhorse, although he never seems to want to wander far lol! I like his tricks though.

    He has sampled quite a few of the young races so far :)