Thursday, July 1, 2010

Traitor Dudes

My Misguided Catachan

I re-painted this Catachan jungle fighter i got from years back. He already had like three maybe four coats of paint on him. Being the lazy git that i am, i just sprayed him white and painted on top of that. Hopefully this will give him a 3+ save in battle heheheh!

Side profile.

Back view.

Other side view. He's got lots of muscles. I will use the muscles for counts as flak armor haha! My traitor guard infantry is low on funds, but high on treason. Hence the lack of proper uniforms.

The Voice of the Emperor aka (one of ) The Fallen

I did some modification on the Cypher model. I found this quite appropriate as Cypher is notoriously hated by the Dark Angels. He will be my counts as Colonel Straken.

Straken does have a 3+ armor save and Toughness 4. So he's already Space Marine-like. The Strength 6 will be represented by the sword. Maybe one of the old Dark Angel Sword of Secrets ;P

Side view showing the Dark Angel iconography and pre-heresy black power armor.

The Traitor IG list will probably be mostly foot based with lots of heavy weapon teams. It won't be a game winner but will provide exceedingly good fluff for Dark Angels and successor chapters who Hunt the Fallen.



  1. Sigh, more traitors to kill!

    At least these are stunning models to look at =)

    Love the muscles man haha. More photos bro!

  2. low on funds, but high on treason! hahahaha

    You can strip their paint easily if the catachans are metal. just put them in thinner and soak 10-30 mins or a few days if you want (I soak Abaddon for a few wks lol) then take them out and use a old toothbrush to scrub them clean.

  3. @crazyrat: Cool! I'll give the metal Catachans a long overdue bath hehe!

    @Krom: Thanks man :) The muscles are to intimidate my opponent's dice roll LOL!!