Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Catachan Gal

Calamity Jane (counts as Sly Marbo)

I was inspired by this miniature from Reaper's Chronoscope series. She is originally named Peaches Biker girl and sculpted by Patrick Keith.

I'm going to do a conversion for her to be my counts as Sly Marbo for my traitor Catachan army led by one of the Fallen Dark Angels :)

I did my best to make sure all the wargear for Marbo are represented on the mini.

Thus Calamity Jane was born..

Front view of WIP mini. The Demo charge is pinned on one side and is removable. This gives the option of reminding me the demo charge has been utilized. However, she'll probably not survive the suicide charge LOL!

Side view. The tree stump was taken from the Bretonnian peasant box bitz, and the demo charge part of an Eldar heavy weapon energy cell.

Back view. The second part of the demo charge was combined with a Black Templar bitz.

Going to do the undercoat now. Will post more pics of her once there is some progress ;)


  1. calamity jane lol. Another traitor guard.

  2. @crazyrat: Oh yeah! I've turned to ze dark side ;P

    @Marshal Argos: Thanks man :) I find ladies rather poorly represented in the 40K Imperial Guard lol!