Thursday, July 22, 2010

They'll Be Back...

The Deceiver

This mini had been sittin' around me shelf for the past 5 years. I finally decided to paint him up. And also complete my Necron army. Its up to 1K points now.

Front View

Back View

Side View

The lighting is a tad fuzzy as i took the pics at night. I had initially agonized on how to paint the Big D. I really liked the way that Games Workshop painted him in gold metallics. But i settled for a fast NMM gold instead. My gold metallics had dried up in this dastardly cold weather lol!


  1. NMM necrons!! hardcore...

    I want try c'tan gods powers, see how uber they are against mepcheezeto.

  2. Haha! Only the Deceiver is NMM ;P The rest will be normal boltgun metal.

    I think Big D will probably just avoid combat, thats his power lolz! But my money's on Mephy :)

  3. If you dont mind, I give you my nightbringer. He need a well-deserved home/games and paint job rather than sit on the shelf and rot till the end of time.

    I kit-based it with bat wings and some chains and green stuff, but he still looks nightbringer-ish.

    You want I give it to you when you are back.

  4. Cool man! I would love to paint the Nightbringer up, especially also since you did some conversion work on the dude :))

    My Necron army should be fully functional at 1500 points by end of the month. I want to add more variety to the armies we play heehee ;)