Monday, July 12, 2010


After two games with my Black Templars, i was very much motivated to get them painted up.

They play wonderfully! And i always get the opportunity to play out their fluff alot, so thats a huge draw for me haha! Even though this makes my battlefield actions are not too tactically sound at times ;P

Anyways, I was initially going to paint my Marshal and Reclusiarchs, but got distracted and finished up my budget version of the Emperor's Champion instead :)

I'm quite pleased with his performance thus far in both games. He managed to completed his oath as Slayer of Champions on both occasions. He took out a (weakened) Ork Warboss and an IG command squad in the last battles. He also managed to see off a Psyker Battle Squad.

He was converted with parts from the Black Templar's Upgrade Kit.

Front view. I haven't thought of a name for him yet. I am however tempted to name his black sword Courtain :)

Emperor's champ with a buddy.

I'll be returning to Brisbane in a week or so, and will be definitely bringing my BTs back. I'll definitely be missing the guys from my gaming group. Also lots of fun times and battle humor i'll be thinkin' of fondly :)

But the Crusade will continue and be back in a couple more months ;)


  1. The crusade is leaving the easter fringe and going south to Segmentum Tempestus - where the toughest xenos can be found.

    To admit defeat is to Blaspheme against the Emperor...

    This Emperor champion is wicked!

  2. Your froth will be missed. Errrr sounds weird. Haha.

    Models looking nice as usual man. Hey, must have coffee before you go man!

  3. @crazyrat: Yea man, its really no holds barred on the Segmentum Tempestus hehe! I shall bring the Emperor's light, and with it destroy the shadows! (that was another crazy BT quote haha)

    @Krom: Lol! Thanks man. I will miss the frothing at YC's place battlefields ;)