Thursday, July 8, 2010

Imperium Heroes Update

Arjac Rockfist

Here's my take on the Anvil of Fenris, mostly completed except the base (as usual) haha! He had a bit of detail and took longer than usual because of a slight accident. I spilled almost half a pot of blazing orange paint on him. Took a bit of repair work, but i think he survived the ordeal like a true warrior of Fenris ;)

Size Comparison

The Man Mountain does look bigger and stands much taller in scale as compared to a puny Scout!

Black Templars

Here's a peek at my BT Marshall still very much WIP. I have given him two swords for counts as Lightning Claws. The Black Templars are really into swords and sword iconography, so i thought i would play on that emphasis here :)

I'll also be naming the swords Durendal and Sauvagine respectively, in honor of the famous swords in the tales of Sir Roland and Ogier the Dane. Durendal i think means 'The Inflexible' and Sauvagine meaning "The Relentless". Quite fitting descriptions of a Black Templar ;)


  1. where is the pink beard? lol puny scouts, neophtye anyone?

  2. I couldn't bring meself to do the pink beard ;P Gave him a blond beard instead hehe!

    I find scout armor to be rather average, but the Scouts themselves on the other hand, make great armor LOL!

  3. I wanna give them a good spanking!

  4. Nice! SUperb. I get the impression that he is about to throw his 'Aegis Fang' (Thunder Hammer) hee hee.

    The blacksmith is out to kill for Russ! Hope I can be in time for one game with him man (and maybe Warmachine lol)

  5. @enrgie: Ye will need to fight Krom's Space Wolves then hehe!

    @Krom: Yea man, he is one mean blacksmith! Oh yea, haven't heard Aegis Fang in a while, or Wulfgar for that matter ;)