Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Necrontyr Awake...

Necrons WIP

Spent the day puzzling over the Necron sprues i brought over. Finally managed to finish assembling the robotos :)

It was a lot of work for me. I think its because i'm not used to assembling big number of minis. Most of my past minis have been second hand stuff and already glued. Almost all were painted by their previous owners. My only task was to spray primer over all the existing gunk, and then paint over it, LOL!

Pictured here is the Deceiver with his remote control toy robots.

I found out the Necrons box set does not contain a Lord. So i had wanted to use the Warmachine character Asphyxious the Lich (the name sounds asthmatic hehe). But the model ain't available here yet. So i'm gonna have to use the Deceiver as my only HQ.

Top view of the assembled host.

Heres all my available Necron minis off their sprues. They will have to suffice to game at the LGS. Hope they don't think my Deceiver HQ is too cheesy ;P

I made up a list for 1K points. List was really easy to make due to limited plastics least for the moment. I do have one more Scarab swam, but i only had 4 points left over.

Here be the list:


10 Warriors

10 Warriors

3 Destroyers

3 Destroyers

3 Scarab swarms

I wish i brought more Necron warriors along, but i was packin' my bags too fast too late to notice, so only 2 troop choices for me.

I took another photo shot of Big D. Today was gloomy but i placed him right at the window during daytime.

He always seems to be pointing to somethang. Hope he's not tellin' me he needs to go to the gents haha!

Thats all for now. Have a great weekend all!


  1. The big D looking good, got your Dante painting style. (D for Dante lol...)

    Necrons are easy to paint??? LOL.

    Hope to play against your necrons when you are back.

  2. Thanks man :)

    Yup, i'm going for Boltgun metal, then Badab black wash and thats it. Should be ready quite fast, i think.

    Did you guys do the terrain making today?

  3. No, just confirmed who contributing to the terrain fund and compiling a list on what terrain kits to buy. I think Ray going to buy before August 1st before the maelstrom discount code end.

  4. Yep I will be ordering on Wednesday. Sent you guys an email earlier so please check and let me know if there are changes. I may wanna change out an item or two to provide for more buildings and a grass mat.

    Necrons are the easiest to paint as pointed out by Sam above.

  5. Coolz!! Can't wait to see the terrains and you guys workin' on them :)))