Monday, July 26, 2010

A Necron


I have done up my first Necron Warrior. He is the first to awake on his Tomb World as his alarm clock went off a bit too early :P

Front view. He's not too pleased at being woken up.

Back pants lol!

The Necron warrior is my first test model. He was basecoated in Boltgun Metal.

After that it was 2 washes of Badab Black and one thin wash of Devlan Mud. I also did some highlights using chainmail.

Majority of the time was spent mainly awaiting the washes to dry. I also did some highlighting on his gun while waiting. Quite satisfied with the results thus far. Will attempt to do up the 1K points by this week :)


  1. With your painting speed, 1 day is all you need to paint all the warriors and destroyers.

    *respect* SHIFU!!

  2. All credit goes to da paint scheme man, it made it easier to paint hahaha! I just undercoated the rest in boltgun metal, and i bought an extra bottle of badab black too just in case ;)