Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Stand of The Mandasar Crusade

Hi all,

I just dug out some really old models of my Tyranid army aka Hive Fleet Mandasar. I posted some snap shots of the unlovely bugs on Anything But Ones blog.

I also took the opportunity to also give some background on my Black Templars army.

Mandasar Crusade Report:

These are the final moments of the last battle that ended the onslaught of Hive Fleet Mandasar:

The Emperor's Champion of the Mandasar Crusade, Brother Egilac facing down the wounded Hive Tyrant.

An Initiate's helmet pic of Neophyte Jon's finest hour.

The following are the only surviving images of the final moments of Brother Egilac and his Crusader Squad. Pics obtained with difficulty from a heavily damaged servo skull.

Pic-cast image01. Frame 04.

Pic-cast image 02. Frame 03.

After battle analysis confirms that the Crusade Squad held off the other Tyranid organisms long enough for Brother Egilac to fulfill his Vow and finally slay the Hive Tyrant in single combat.

Thus was also Marshal Dumalin Basque who fell in battle earlier with the same monstrous beast avenged.

Brother Egilac did not survive his wounds.

Carry the Emperor's Will as your torch, with it destroy the Shadows


  1. Life is a prison, death a release.

    lol quoting the BT codex fun!

  2. Yeah man totally agree :)) The BT are actually quite well defined in character and fluff. Plus they got so many quotes hahaha!

  3. Ahahahhaha! Nice one! I like this one. Ommm noommm nommm