Saturday, July 3, 2010


The Man Mountain

Am having fun doing another conversion. This time its Arjac Rockfist of the Space Wolves. Majority of the materials provided by Krom (Defu).

I took my inspiration from the Space Wolves codex, and tried to model him as close to the art as possible. Still some work to be done, but he is almost complete and ready to prime.

Front view. Chest plate from Space Wolf power armor. Pouch and hammer/mallet on his left leg from Bretonnian peasant sprue. The hammer/mallet could be a memento from Arjac's past as an iron smith. The anvil on his Terminator armor is from the Fantasy Dwarf warriors sprue.

Side view of Hammer. There is a drinking horn on his hip for storage of Fenrisan brew ;)

Back View. Some greenstuff done one the pelt.

Shield side view. Also gave him a wolfy mustachio hehe!

Thats all at the moment. Will post updates again, hopefully soon.


  1. Salivates! That's too much awesomesauce you have there!

    I love all the details you have man. The anvil, hammer and the wolf pelts. Simply amazing.

    Oh, I'll the colour of the beard to you. I'm sure your 'leveled-up' painting will simply make me fall over my chair.

    I'll just go and be mentally prepared =)

  2. No probs man, i had a lot of fun with the conversion. I think i also seen a few other well done Arjacs online. All are unique :)

    Okie, i'll think about the beard color ;)

  3. PINK beard! lol I like the drinking horn. A thirsty wolf is an angry wolf.

  4. Ahwoooo to that, Crazyrat!

    And thanks for pointing the drinking horn (thanks to Skanwy for the excellent detail too man)

  5. @crazyrat: Lol! Pink bearded wolf man ;P Yea man, takin' a swig of mead during battle gives him more power, like red bull, only no wings hehe!

    @Krom: I like it that Space Wolves do the whole Viking dine and wine thingy haha!