Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Commissar

Sebastian Yarrick: Hero of Armageddon

I met a really nice dude at GW and he plays Imperial Guard army. He's got a really nicely painted Baneblade and Leman Russes. The beginnings of an impressive army! But playing IG means one has lots of troops to paint lol! I received a request from him to paint up Commissar Yarrick, and jumped at the chance to work on a legend :)

Front view. I loved the details on GW's latest version of Yarrick. Its much more characterful and dynamic.

Profile view.

Back view. The Power Claw seems quite heavy, i often wondered how he lugs this around all the time. Maybe he takes it off during break time hahas...It would be a tad hard to bathe in that!

'Clawin' at ya' view.

I'll get round to basing him later. But he's tabletop ready, and just in time for this Friday's Apocalypse game at GW ;)

Have a super week ahead all!


  1. Super! I like the trench coat alot.

    I think he takes it off during shower haha, if not he will shave his own head off LOL!

    WOW apocalypse! always wanted to try 1 with titans and all the mass infantry/machines, would be very epic and fun if no 1 bring min-max lists. Too bad apoc games takes more than 2 hands to clap and difficult to get people involved.

  2. Thanks for the kind words guys! :)


    Yeah manz, Apocalyptic battles are quite a lot of work. Good thing this was organized by the GW staff. Its going to be starting at 4500 points a side to 6000 and then possibly 8000 points as the weeks go by. Its for the Dark Eldar release as well.

    Maybe we could do one amongst ourselves for the Nov-Dec hols ;)

    Are your DE pre-orders in? Exciting times!

  3. The DE 1st wave releasing on 6th nov(this sat), I had been checking my email and maelstrom a/c everyday eagerly hoping to see my DE stuffs been shipped...

    I cant wait for the DE codex! I want to read the fluff! but maelstrom are not famous for their speed so I guess I will only get my DE stuffs mid nov at least.

    I'm having my exams in dec... so I cant play for awhile - during last wk of nov to 20th of dec. Lets set 1 apoc game during the dec period(20th-31st) GOOD VS XENOS!

  4. @crazyrat:

    Cool manz :))) Good Vs Xenos sounds like a great idea! Lets do it!

    There is nice fluff in the codex. We could read it but only in the store. Some peeps already formed army lists. The Venom looks to be a good cheap way of delivery.

    All da best for the exams ;)