Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chefren of The Thousand Sons

I just managed to do up another Thousand Sons Terminator today. Still some highlighting to go, but its all i'll be able to paint. Am packing up the my troops for the trip home. Yaaayy!! :))) I also notice that have been finishing most of my painting late at night. Maybe its a side effect of painting the dark side heheh!

Chefren here is another test model for a Chaos Termi with tusks and helmet and power weapon. Again photographed using a torchlight from my mobile as the entire day was rather rainy.

Front view. Chefren is the name of one of the builders of Egypt's many pyramids.

Left profile. His left hand wields a power mace.

Right profile. Chefren here armed with a combi-melta. I wish there were more in the Termi box set.

Back view. He also sports a scarab token on the top of his Termi armor.

Have a great end to the week and a super weekend ;)


  1. Welcome back man! hahaha got some cannon fo... scouts and sorceress and night-bringer waiting for you. This one is much clearer, can see the details.

  2. Thanks thanks :) I almost forgotten the fodderz heheh! Oh yar, my camera skills still need to improve big time manz lol! C u guys soon!

    Any date on the next gaming/battle session?

  3. Glad you like my crons and Irae Scorpio!

    Your Termies just look awesome ... like the way you painted the gold/yellow parts. Thousand Sons would be the Chapter of my choice, too.
    Can't wait to see more of them.

  4. @Skanwy

    Ray is waiting for you to come back before starting the terrain day event. We need more ideas and painting powers from you for the terrain day.

    For games, we always organized on the week itself, usually saturday and/or sundays.

  5. @t800a:

    Cheers man! Thanks for the kind words :) Will post more Thousand Sons as they are done.

    Lookin' forward to Terrain Day and seeing everyone again :)) C ya soon!