Thursday, November 4, 2010


Broken But Unbowed

I received another commission mid-week and the deadline is this Friday. I managed to make it tabletop ready though...phew! The Dreadnought is oft used as a Furioso Librarian by the owner.

I had a hard time making out the details as the original model had quite thick layer of Bubonic Brown paint. The body/chasis was also not glued directly and a bit slanted forwards. One of the leg guards was also missing.

Front View. I made the right leg guard (with white skull) out of some bread clips. I has to use a bit of greenstuff to cover up the "Use by 14 Oct" words on the bread clips hehe! Also added a "Psychic Hood" using some tubing and spare bits from the Rhino sprue.

Side View 1: Seismic Hammer with underslung Meltagun.

Side View 2: Blood Talon with underslung Heavy Flamer.

Rear View.

Alternate front view: Different armaments this time round. I'm assuming its Hurricane Bolters and also what looks like a Chainfist.

I hope to have time to finish up the base. But the great thing about the new Dreadnought bases is they are already nice textured and "terrained".

Thats all for now ;)


  1. Bread clips lol! idea! The blue-ish effect on the weapons nice! I want to copy that hehe!

  2. Hehe! I had no bitz over here, and used the clips in desperation ;)

    The blue effects were done using basecoat of Regal Blue, then Enchanted Blue. And Enchanted Blue with Skull White. And then Skull White to highlight the highest points.