Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back from Beyond

Made it back to my castle in one piece. Did not scatter on the deep strike heheh! Its great to be back home again, and in my room surrounded by plastic minis. Hope to meet up and get some battles in :)

Fantasy Flashback

I painted these up maybe 5 or 6 years ago. I think Ray (enrgie) will remember the Candied Knights lol! They were much neglected due to my new love of Bretonnians. Was a tad miffed when i realized i forgot to bring back part of my Bretonnian army from Brisbane. I could have sworn i packed them in. I really wanted to start my 8th Ed Fantasy with the Brets...

Anyways i did a roll call for my Empire. Had to do a bit of searching due to them being misplaced through the passage of time...I think i might be able to do some Fantasy games with Empire, but i have no idea how to do an Empire list anymore. I lost the old lists i wrote up.

Thus far i have found:

60 Swordsmen

46 Spearmen

30 Halberdiers

32 Handgunners

15 Free Company

15 Empire Knights

3 Great Cannons

1 Box of Pistoliers

And a partridge in a pear tree. A pic of said partridge can be seen below :P

Just kidding, its a converted Lord on Griffon hehe!

Also had some interesting finds, like the GW Fantasy Wizards (pic below).

2 boxes of plastic Empire Wizards from different eras:

The old box has many more wizards. I got these 5 years ago at Comics Mart in City Hall. Nostalgic feelings arise yet again when reminded of Comics Mart, especially the branch at Serene Centre.

Have a fantastic week everyone! Am lookin' forward to Terrain Day where we can meet up again ;)


  1. You left your Brets in Australia? That's a waste!

    Bring on the Empire!!

  2. Sam is back. Hoozah! Man, the Brets failed their charge again ya?

    Time to melt more gold bars! Haha.

  3. I was packing almost 2000pts of Chaos Marines, metal minis and paints. My clothes only took up like 5 percent of the suitcase haha! Must have forgotten to allocate space for the other half of me Brets lol!

    @Krom: The Brets i think still praying in Brisbane teehee!

    @enrgie: I may give Empire it a go ;) I'll try to see if i can proxy Brets first.

  4. Welcome back my friend hahaha!

    How many models you left behind in Australia? Anyway chance of getting them back?

  5. @crazyrat:

    Thanks man :)

    I left half the Knights in Brissie. But i'll have to go back anyways, so will still be able to bring them home, but it'll be next year lol!