Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chaos Spehs Mahreenz!

Today feels like Christmas again as i received my order from Wayland Games. I find Wayland really reliable and superb with their communications. And i got a free Mantic Journal as well!

Will have to get them all assembled before i bring em' home ;)

Theres gonna be an insane amount of plastic to put together and undercoat. But then again Chaos says that Sanity is for the Weak! LOL!

And this just in.....

The Enhanced

I'll be doing up a Chaos Space Marines list based on Fabius Bile's Enhanced Warriors.

I couldn't wait and did up a test figure from the Chaos Battleforce. I attached some beads on the backpack of the CSM to simulate the drugs/enhancements and ran the tubes down to the head of the marine.

Some WIP work:

Front view.

Side view.

Other side view. I learnt to complete the enhancements before gluing the sword arm in as it does get in the way abit.

Rear view. I'll be trimming down the size of the tubes to make it lower. Don't want them swinging their swords and crackin' open their drug packs hehe!

I'm just not sure what color scheme to give them. I originally wanted to use the scheme from The Purge. But in the CSM codex, Fabius seems to be wearing a deep red armor, which is not very Emperor's Children.

Ah well, back to work now...


  1. Love your work Sam!

    So many Chaos Marines!!!

    Also, is Wayland Games cheaper than Maelstrom? What about Shipping?

  2. @enrgie:

    Thanks man :)

    I find that Wayland's prices are cheaper. For shipping i usually pay 4 pounds. Maelstrom prices are higher but they have more special events and free shipping.

    I chose Wayland cos it always reaches me within 8 days in Brisbane. Plus they have really good service ;)

  3. Love your Chaos Marines.

    They are truly unique, and I can't wait to see them painted.

    Btw, November draws near. The Chaos, Sanguinary Strike Force, Necrons and the Knights (and many more, lol) will be returning from the warp isn't it?

  4. Thanks Krom!

    Oh yeah! The time for the return from the warp draws nigh ;P I seem to have come back with more xenos lol!

  5. WOW looking at shiny goodies just make the day better even though its not mine hahaha.

    For wayland games they charge £2.5 min for shipping. If you exceed 0.5kg it will increase to £3. If you exceed 1kg it will increase to £5 shipping.

    example for wayland games:

    1x chaos marine battleforce = £41
    weight 1.1k = £5 shipping
    total = £46

    where maelstrom games:
    1x chaos marine battleforce = £45
    shipping = 0
    total = £45

    Since maelstrom games price already cheaper and not counting tier discount or special season discount. Its cheaper for us