Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Fantasy Empire Army

I have managed to recall the scattered remnants of my Empire army. And they are almost here at full strength! All are assembled except for my 5 Pistoliers (still in box lol).

I assembled my Halberdiers just today. They were a bit of a pain to rank up.

As all of the models were painted 3 or more years ago, i am really tempted to repaint them. But they are just sooooo many! Fantasy does seem to have much more models..

The list is as follows for 2500pts. Guys you probably need to help check if the percentages are correct. I'm not good at all with all the new rulez ;P

1) 30 Swordsmen
1a)15 Spearmen detachment
1b) 10 Handgunners

2) 30 Swordsmen
2a)15 Spearmen detachment
2b) 10 Handgunners

3) 30 Halberdiers
3a)10 Spearmen detachment
3b) 10 Handgunners

4) 10 Archers

5) 9 Candied Knights

6) 5 Knights Panther

7) 1 Mortar

8) 1 Mortar

9) 1 Cannon

10) ahem...5 Pistoliers

11) Captain (BSB)

12) Warrior Priestess on Horse

13) Empire General

14) Battle Wizard (lvl2)

My characters come up to 578pts. The Core Units are 1555pts. The Specials are 364pts.

Da Fluff!
I had built this army with inspiration from the struggles of humanity against the undead in the Von Carstien Trilogy by Steven Savile. My vampire hunters army hails from frosty regions of Middenland and Middenheim. This is because the Middenheimers have fought against the undead and lost much, especially the Knights of the White Wolf.

The army was oriented towards taking out zombie and skellie hordes. It may still work in 8th Edition...emphasis on may..LOL!

I also painted up a lot of characters to represent the heroes and heroines who have joined the cause. This also gave rise to the formation of The Council of Light. I hope to give a rundown on the characters and their secret headquarters of Daystar Keep in the near future.

Thats all for today ;)


  1. Awaiting your rundown of your characters and their secret headquarters =)

    Yup, your points are ok. Too much core if you ask me but I guess that's what you have. Looking forward to Saturday!

  2. @Krom: Wow! Thanks for the fast reply bro :)

    Yeah, thats all my fantasy empire models. The rest of the characters are all single minis heheh! Cool! See ya soon!

  3. Maybe you should consider consolidating ur swordsman and spearmen into one big unit of about 40-50. 30 men units in empire don't work anymore.

    Just one 15-20 men detachment should be enough for the unit.

    And have your handgunners as stand alone units of 10 instead of detachments. You want them to shoot as much instead of walking about with the parent units.

    Another point to consider is using outriders instead of pistoliers. I like to take both. :)

  4. And try out horde formation for the insane amount of spearmen attacks.

    And give nice deep ranks to your swordsmen for steadfast!

  5. @Beef Nuggets:

    Cool man! Thanks lots for the advice :) I'll definitely be tweaking the army list.

    Do the detachment rules still work well in this edition?

    Oh yar, how does horde formation work? Do they have to be a certain number or deployment pattern?
    Lol, looks like i'm still stuck in 7th ed haha!

  6. That's a solid array of models! Do not repaint them, it's just too time consuming!

    As for your list building, bring along a memory stick this Sat. I'll pass you something useful for building army lists.

  7. @enrgie:

    Lol! Yar manz, i also not keen to repaint :P