Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Troopers

After a night of blazing paintbrushes, the glory boys are table top ready.

I wasn't sure i was gonna do it, but they're done. Well..mostly ;)

Will be workin' on my Chaos Space Marines next. Fabius Bile has arrived in the mail and The Enhanced have to sate their battlelust haha :)


  1. Seriously, you must be an I10 (Always Paint Fist) at painting while the lot of us are at I1 (always paint last).

    Looking awesome as usual!

  2. FAST! The helmet visors very good!

    I am the always paint last, reroll all success to paint till unpainted LOL

  3. Thanks guys! I would have liked to have spent more time painting the troopers though...

    I got Furious Paint ability, but only on the charge hehehe!