Monday, November 15, 2010

The Scions of Change

Thousand Sons Terminator

I have started on my Chaos Space Marines! And to continue the terminators in the fashion of my earlier Nurgle-themed Termis, I'm movin' on to the Sons of Magnus the Red.

Front view. Pic taken at night with help from the flashlight of my mobile phone ;) I'm naming him Anhur. There will be four others in the Terminator group. I'm thinking of running 3 groups of 5 with a Termi Chaos Lord for the upcoming Apocalypse game, using the Doombringer Annihilation Force. Should be pretty fun and suicidal haha!

Side view. He is armed with a twin linked Bolter. I also did some highlights for the eldritch bolts. I have plans to convert up a combi-melta. Still experimenting with bitz.

Other view with Chainfist for carving up some tanks.

Back view. I did not put the spikey bits on the top of his armor. Added a scarab made from greenstuff instead to fit with the Egyptian theme.

Thats all for now...

Have a fruitful week ahead everyone :)


  1. The blue is so smooth and the armour frame colour make the whole model so distinct. Really beautiful and tzeentch-y

  2. Thanks dude!

    The Chaos Termis have more iconography and armor patterns than the loyalists. So much more fun to paint haha! Anhur here is my test model, am quite happy to make him my Tzeentch Aspiring Champion.

    Have your DE arrived and slave raids began? ;P