Thursday, October 14, 2010

WIP: Nurgle Terminators

The Blightpox Cabal

Just assembled my first Nurgle Terminators. There are six of the putrid pals here. Started some greenstuff work mainly to give them the famous Nurgle bellies :) Not sure if i want to put more greenstuff on them, don't want to overdo it. I did miss the really nice details now covered up by the nurgly bellies haha!

I then used the skull motif shouderpads for the Termis, to represent their Death Guard background. Also gave them the cool mutated arms. They can represent power weapons as well. I did pin the arms, but may consider gluing them.....its just that they just have so many options they can take!

For now i'll be arming them with 1 Heavy Flamer, 1 Chainfist, 1 Power fist and 3 Power weapons. The rest will be toting combi-meltas. I would use them to accompany Typhus when he deepstrikes into the heat of battle. Or I could seperate them into double suicide Termis squads. 3 each and armed with combi-meltas.

And speaking of combi-meltaz...

They only give one combi-melta in the Chaos Termi box. I had to improvise to make more. I found the extra plastic nub on the Termi bases to be ideal for conversion. Attached one to the flamer and found it passable ;)


  1. WOW fast! Few days ago you were mentioning building a chaos marine army and now green stuffed suicide terminators ready to be painted.

    Your chaos demons stopping at 1.5k and chaos marine also stopping at 1.5k? or both 3k? lol

  2. These are gonna look wicked once you paint them!

    Looking forward to them =)

  3. Thanks guys!

    @crazyrat: Hehe! Yea man, the dark side calls ;P Me chaos demons stopping at 1.5k. My next two 1.5k will be CSM. One is a Nurgle army and the other a Fabius Bile theme army :)

    @Krom: I waiting for the greenstuff to set, can't wait to paint them up too. Typhus feeling a bit lonely without his retinue lol!

  4. Impressive 3k chaos marine army! will we be seeing a chaos warhound titan?

  5. @crazyrat: Haha! No lah! I dun have Titan. I think i'm generally a footslogger gamer, never too interested in vehicles ;P

    I've been working on the Chaos army for a while. Distracted by the BA release and then BT and Necrons lol!

    Hopefully i'll finish the Chaos army up at long last ;)