Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heroes of the Black Templar:

Brother Beltan

Brother Beltan seen here before his grievous wounding at Armageddon. His body was shattered but not his mind. Beltan was interred into the shell of the Dreadnought and continues to fight on in the name of the Emperor.

Brother Beltan in all his armored glory.

Side view of Twin-linked Lascannon armament.

Other view of Missile Launcher configuration.

Rear view.

Another view of Beltan. His adamantium shell adorned with Templar iconography and script-text. The right side of his hull emblazoned with the Shield of Armageddon.

Thought for the Day:
"We pray for our brethren who pilot the Dreadnoughts.
Though they take new form, their souls, and their weapon mounts, remain pure. "
Attributed to Marneus Calgar


  1. Wow, the BT dreadnought I can use it as a ref for my DC dread! Very similar in colour scheme except for the red crosses.

  2. Yea manz, I was also thinkin' about the DC dread, especially as i painted the BT straight after the BA Dread haha!

    The metal parts were boltgun metal and badab black wash. The highlights were 1:1 Codex Grey and Chaos Black. Then pure codex grey :)