Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Gold!

The Necrons have landed!

Lol! Thats not too accurate actually ;P

I happened across this amazing sculpture yesterday on my walk in the City of Brisbane. Its located just below Jacob's Ladder at King Edward Park. I'm not sure who created the sculpture, but its evocative and reminds me of something grand yet alien.

Also looks a lot like a Necron Monolith! Nice!!

I stood a bit further to take this next pic. I think part of me was expecting a greenish portal to open up anytime and metal skeletons stepping through them...I don't want to be gauss flayed heehee! But nothing happened, and i quickly moved on. There were other pieces of sculpture of the same sheen and materiel as well, but this was the one that caught my eye.

Blightpox Cabal: Morgurt

Also finished my first member of the Blightpox Cabal.

This here be Morgurt, a devoted of Nurgle and one of the bodyguards of Lord Typhus.

Morgurt here flexing the muscles of his 'arm'.

Rear view.

Morgurt taking aim and about to fire his weapon.

The Chaos Terminator models are really nice to paint. A refreshing change from their Loyalist brethren. Morgurt is my test model here. I think i'll be using roughly the same techniques to paint up his squad mates.

Thats all my updates for now ;)


  1. xenos artifact on the holy soil of Terra I see lol

    I'm liking the rusty brown streaks on the armour of the terminator.

    Skanwy where you get the inspiration to paint? I cant seem to start painting haha.

  2. Thanks crazyrat :) Yeah man, the Star gods have arrived! I almost went to ground for that 6+ cover heheh!

    For da painting, my inspiration usually centers around a theme or a single hero miniature. I paint up the central/lead guy and then work on his retinue/ followers.

    For the mini itself, i start with the face. I feel the face will define or influence how the rest of the mini is painted.

    I got really slow painting days as well, but i try to minimum paint up an arm or a leg of the mini, then go for a rest.

    Sometimes going online to look at other people's work or reading/ making up fluff also spurs me on. But the prize reward is always that fully painted squad and gaming with it the next weekend haha!

    Hope this helps ;)

  3. With some power tools you can have your own LIFE SIZE Monolith stolen from the streets of Melb!

    Haha! I kid.

    I love the tentacle on the marine. Very realistic! Did you sculpt that arm?

  4. @enrgie: LOL! Yea manz, i would have to get a chainfist to get it off the concrete haha! It would be a tad heavy to carry around. Deployment would be priceless. No one will shift that away, and LOS would be shot ;P

    The arm comes with the Chaos Termi plastic kit. I've experimented with some home made lash whips but not too successful. Am looking at other materials to try again ha!

  5. LOL go to gnd!!!

    Thx for the tip Skanwy, I find at least painting an arm or leg suits me more. I will start today hehe.

  6. What's GND?

    I agree wi Sam. Always start wi the face and that will usually be your focal point. You "feel" that the mini is alive so you get inspired to complete the guy! I also find that it's good to paint stuff you are really inspired to do.

    For e.g. I just got my Phoenix Guard models but I am still concentrating on my Spearmen because I have a story how they came to be! Captain Lokhir 'Lionface' and his Wall of Spears!

    Come to my new place and we can paint together if you want. Got someone to chat while we working on models is quite fun.

  7. @crazyrat: No probs man :)

    I started from painting an arm and a leg too hehe!

    Dun look at the other models. Just focus on the one. Soon you'll be conquering one mini at a time ;)