Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tomb Queen Tahira

Much gaming over the last weekend, very little painting done. Incidentally, i received my Direct Order miniature of Tomb Queen Khalida Neferher. She is a really beautiful mini and i had planned to use her for my standard Necron Lord on foot. I couldn't use the counts as one from Warmachine Cryx in GW haha!

Some fluff/backstory....

Thoughts of the Deceiver

" ancient name...a forgotten place... The Necrontyr and their C'Tan masters conquered and laid waste to countless civilizations in their War with the Old Ones. Aegyptos was just one of the many worlds whose populace swore to serve the C'Tan, for to them, Mephet'ran was the prophecy of their god descended from the heavens.

To those in Aegytos none were perhaps seen as more favored by Mephet'ran than the Princess Tahira. She was the first of her race to embrace the gift of eternal life granted by the star god. Tahira had led the forces of Mephetran into battle across the stars, subjugating and destroying in his name.

Mephet'ran still remembers Tahira with some...emotion. Fondness was not quite the right word. Amusement perhaps...

Yes....he would raise the Tomb Queen once more. The are Young Races still yet to have brought to heel.

I have named her Tahira and painted her in the gold colors of Mephet'ran. Hints of her metallic Necron body can be seen peeking through some of her bandages.

Her cloak and dress were done to reflect the passage of time.

A close up of the golden scarab i sculpted onto the base.

Am real looking forward to using her in my wargames soon! Will be probably giving her the Solar Pulse and Veil of Darkness wargear to represent her powers over day and night ;)


  1. I love her. She's gorgeous. We need more female models (that's why I play dark eldar? haha)

    How did you paint her staff? It looks wonderful =)

  2. Hi Krom,

    Thanks man :)Yup yup we sure do need more female models in 40K haha!

    For the staff i did a quick NMM gold and the top was actually a shining gold mix with chainmail.

    Apologies for the poor lighting though, it was pretty gloomy today. I took the pic on the toilet basin lol!

  3. @crazyrat:
    Yar manz, the toilet was the brightest place in the unit haha! I did take another pic of her and posted it on my Necron army profile on Anything But Ones ;) Used the torchlight from my phone to give extra lighting lol!

  4. Luckily we didn't find any toilet stains in that pic!

    Great job man! I wanna eat necrons! onnmmm ommm nomm

  5. @enrgie:

    Haha! Too true man ;P

    My Necrons are ready to go :) Not much meat on them skellies though lol!