Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Gold Bars...

Not The Divine Comedy ;)

I got a tad sidetracked from my Nurgle Termis. A fellow gamer from the local GW has requested me to paint up Commander Dante of the Blood Angels for his HQ. So he bought the model and I painted it up. So here he is, and most of the major colors are already done!

I really enjoyed painting Dante again, and found that I finished the job in under 3.5 hours :) My first gold bar...er..Dante...first one took me a few days. I employed quite a few shortcuts this time to quicken the process.

Did some basing too.

View from the back. Did some different highlights on the jump pack this time. I think the pack on this Dante looks better than my previous one.

For the Emperor!

Okie doke, time for me to get back to the Blightpox Cabal ;))

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Though for the Day:

I love to doubt as well as to know.

by Dante Alighieri


  1. WOW 3.5hrs just to complete that model, very fast!

    Took me 3hrs just to paint 5 pairs of temins' lenses...

  2. Very fast!! YC still need to polish his painting speed! LOL!

    Sam you should do a painting service!

  3. Thanks guys!

    I skipped many steps haha ;P

    Was rushing it out to pass to the dude tomorrow.

    I did think of offering painting service. My service fee will be in Eldar Warlocks used or unused heehee ;) 1 Warlock for one character mini and 2 warlocks for a squad lol!