Monday, June 15, 2015

Tyranids WIP: Neurothrope

Yet more Tyranids being painted up again by the Hive slave (me). Only by painting them will the incessant chittering in my head stop hehe! I put paint to my converted Neurothrope to almost near completion. Wanted to test out the carapace color. Decided to go for purple.
I didn't want to make the purple too bright as I still wanted the Xenomorph look of a black slick carapace. I felt that leaving it totally black was a bit dull.
In the end I went with slight purple tinges. I used Citadel paints for the carapace. Naggaroth Night for the base purple. I then highlighted with Xerxes Purple. The third highlight was Genestealer Purple (which I found really apt). I mixed a bit of white in the Genestealer Purple for edge highlights.
I kept the bottom most carapace section black and gave it a gloss look to retain a bit of the Xenomorph look. The fluff for the army is that the Xenomorph parasite finds it much more difficult to mutate Tyranid organisms with stronger psychic powers.
I painted the spine a bone color to introduce a contrast to the model. This also highlights the spine as it is quite a nicely sculpted piece by GW.
The unmistakable bulbous head of the Zoanthrope genus. Looks like an orange balloon flying in the wind here lol!

And on that note, I wish all a great work week ahead!

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