Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Objective Markers WIP: Xenomorph Tyranid Themed

(Above pic obtained via Google Images.)
I was inspired by my gaming group guys who are making Objective Markers for their own armies. And all of them are all beautifully done with a theme specific to their armies. I decided to also do up some for my Xenomorph Nids. I went with the Facehugger from Aliens as the main theme of the objective markers.
I did not have to do alot of modifications. Merely greenstuffed tail/body of the Facehugger variant. The main body is a bit from the Tyranids box sets. I think its an Adrenal Gland bitz. I got a few spare miniatures lying around and used them as victims of the Facehugger.
I did the first 3 by just wrapping the Huggers around the base of their egg pods. They also reminded me of the first generation Facehugger from the movie Prometheus as its more streamlined and snake-like.
This Space Marine is trying to fend off the Hugger. He has dropped his Bolter and fallen to the ground trying to pry the offending creature off.
Not so easy as its got a death grip on his face. And he's fast running out of air.
I had to add a Space Marine Terminator to represent the Space Hulk busting heroes. Here the marine is surprised by a Hugger which has just launched itself onto his face.
Can't shoot it with a Storm Bolter and he doesn't really want to use the Power Fist on his own face.
The third of the unfortunates receiving a free 'hug' from the creature. An Eldar Guardian finds himself in a compromised position.
Can't use the Shuriken Pistol either. And the creature's blood is highly acidic. What a fix!

All the Huggerz together. And the moral of the story is: Don't be a hero. Always Wear Your Helmet.

I had a lot of fun making the objective markers and will try to get these painted up, but time is a bit tight. And I've not finished my models for Saturday's games yet! Time to get crackin'!