Saturday, June 13, 2015

Moar Tyranids WIP

(Above pic obtained from Google Images. The colors look very similar to my current Hive Fleet)

More time is coming up from the work break and I've embarked on an ambitious plan to complete up to 1300 points of Tyranids by 26th of this month of June.

I'm still working on my Tyranids Neural Node for the Slowburn League which clocks in at 730 points. But its a formation, so I can't use it in the 2v2 500 point event coming up at the end of the month lol!

So I've decided to paint up another 500 points just for the 2v2 Event. It'll come it at about 580 points. I'm painting up an extra 20 Termagants as I'll be fielding a Tervigon for the game as my HQ.

So all in all, it may be a bit tight till the finish. But I'll be giving it a try. It'll be especially challenging due to so many distractions like the new Space Marines and I heard, even Dark Angels are on the near horizon!

Neural Node Update:
Some improvement from my last post. The Zoanthropes have been based coated another time and washed. I have also filled in the base coat of Bugmans Glow for the neck and brain areas of the creature. Will plan to wash and highlight again.

500 Points 2v2 Tyranids WIP:
I greenstuffed the Xenomorph carapace on the Termagants first. Used a mix of old and new models. They are watched over in the background by the Maleceptor and a Zoanthrope. Always have synapse lol!
A closer view of the greenstuffed heads. Only the top half was covered in greenstuff. I also based them all first before priming them black.
Painted on 2 coats of Game Color Parasite Brown. It took quite some time as there were so many. I'm painting up 32 Termagants.
Painted on Citadel Bugmans Glow on the gun and lower neck areas of the gribblies.
Next up was my Tervigon, the Termagant's mommy . Primed black.
Remembered to get a pic in as I applied the first brushstroke of Parasite Brown haha! I tend to go into full paint mode after basing, forgetting pics till the end product.
Here's the Tervigon at point of post. Washed the base color with Reikland Fleshshade and colored the birthing sac and head with Bugmans Glow.
Same treatment given to my 3 Tyranid Warriors.
Also repainted and based with sand a Carnifex I painted halfway previously. Also gave the Carnifex the same color scheme.

My 500 point list will consist of:
1 Tervigon with Cluster Spines

3 Warriors (2 with Deathspitters and 1 with Venom Cannon)
10 Termagants

Heavy Support
1 Carnifex with Twin Linked Brain Leech Devourers

Have a great time with your loved ones as well as miniatures everyone :)

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