Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tyranids WIP: Zoanthropes

Am still working on the models for the Neural Node formation. Did a test model for the Zoanthrope today using the same color scheme as the Malaceptor.
I'm liking the Fanta Orange look hahaha!! I gave the veins on the brain and the vents a brighter green to make the accent color more visible.
But I'm still quite bit stuck on the carapace color. I was going for blue. But the black looks really good too, maybe just a bit plain. Any suggestions would be most welcome :)
I used Knarloc Green as a base for the veins. Then a highlight of Gretchin Green. I added Ushabti Bone to the Gretchin Green for final highlights. Then gave a wash of Biel Tan Green on the edges of the veins.
Still got lots of highlighting to do on the model. I'm kinda digging the creepy shadow effects in the photo lol!
Anyways I put color on the rest of his buddies. They now look happier. I can see their smiles.

Hive Fleet Mandrasar Character
I also dug out an old mini I got in Perth a while back. I think its a Genestealer Cult oldie. Its going to be a main character featuring in the origins of my Hive Fleet. I'm casting it as the mad scientist who manage to blend the Xenomorph parasite into a Tyranid Hive Fleet.
Gave him a staff with a Genestealer skull whom he keeps talking to for "advice". A warp entity that inhabits the skull? Or just the "voices" in his head?
Put some blue tac on his arms for some possible poses. He's holding the helmet of a departed Astartes Terminator.
Look forward to painting him/it up soon! And also fleshing out the fluff for this mad alien scientist.

Have a super weekend all!


  1. Nice work man on both model fronts. Have you tried playing the neural node yet? Any thoughts?

    1. Thanks man :)

      I have not tried the Neural Node formation yet in games. Although I have heard its quite crappy.

      I think the Zoanthropes are still a good solid unit. And the re-roll on 1s on their psychic test is a good thing to have. But the Malaceptor is quite expensive in points cost for what it does, and it can kinda affect the whole formation. I could be getting another 4 Zoanthropes for the Malaceptor's points costs.