Monday, June 29, 2015

Objective Markers: Xenomorph Themed

I've been converting up some Objective Markers for my Xenomorph Tyranids army. I finally got round to painting them up today. Just posting them as I finish putting the final highlights on them.

Objective Marker 1
I painted the Terminator on the first objective marker as a Deathwing Terminator. To me, the Deathwing were the first Games Workshop figures I collected after playing the PC game Space Hulk. Their exploits on the Space Hulks are legendary.
He was fighting off one of the Xenomorph facehuggers when the 2nd one burst from another pod and latched itself onto his face with lightning speed.
The power fist is an older bitz from the Space Marines box set many years ago.
Its also easier to identify this as the 1st objective as it has the only standing figure and the Terminator is from the Dark Angels version of the First Company- The Deathwing. Incidentally also pretty excited that the new Dark Angels Codex is now out!

Objective Marker 2
The Space Marine for Objective Marker 2 is from the Doom Eagles Chapter. I painted him in Chainmail and just washed on Nuln Oil.
He is trying his best to remove the offending organism. It is proving to be more difficult as he is running out of air.
I still retained the orange, blue and flesh colors of the xenomorph infected Hive Fleet.
I also painted the number 2 on his kneepad and the Roman numeral for '2' on his right shoulder pad to represent objective 2. It also shows the marine is from the 2nd Squad.

Objective Marker 3
For objective marker 3, I painted an Eldar Guardian from the Saim-hann Craftworld.
He's actually a Storm Guardian. The facehugger has disarmed the poor Eldar.
The agility of the Eldar was no match for the speed and ferocity of the organism, especially when it had the element of surprise.
He is the last objective marker with a humanoid figure on it. The rest of the objective markers 4,5 and 6 will be featuring the Xenomorph facehuggers on their pods.

Objective Markers 4,5 and 6
These are the Facehuggers only objective markers. It shows them coiling around their egg pods protectively. If the enemy approaches, I'm guessing they will blend into the many tendrils at the base in camouflage....until the time to strike.

All Together Now!
And here are the objective markers all together from a top down perspective.
I used some of the markers in games on the weekend. They were half painted then, but I had a lot of fun showing them off to people. They were a treat to paint as well.

I like that the objective markers can also be a tool for me to convey some background of my Tyranid army and gives more immersion into the army during games.

Have a splendid week ahead everyone! July beckons and I'm off to paint more Nids :)