Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tyranids WIP: Assortment of Monsters for Apocalypse Game

I've been trying my best to put at least the 3 color base coats on my collection of Tyranids as there's an Apocalypse game coming up this weekend. Its gonna be a bit tight but I'm giving it a go. I got distracted when I started off with my Trygon/ Mawloc. I decided to go with the flow of inspiration and painted another Xenomorph skull type face on the creature.
Again it was really fun to paint up and its really good training for freehand.
A closer shot of the creature.
Some side shots of the head.
Carnifexes WIP

The 4 Carnifexes slowly getting the colors on as well. Their rate of being painted is equal to their Initiative value heheh!

Tyrant Guards WIP
Living shields for the his Majesty the Hive Tyrant.

Hive Guards WIP
These critters can't see, but they can shoot lol!

Neural Node (again)

Neural Node members with more colors on now. Hopefully they will be more survivable the next time. Still a fun formation to run.

Venomthropes WIP
The Givers of Cover! Tyranid umbrella organisms. Great for a rainy day of bullets and lasers.

Tyrannofex WIP
And last but not least, a Tyrannofex with the Rupture Cannon. I keep thinking that if the cannon had legs, it would be so much easier for the creature to lug along lol!

Whew! And that's a wrap for the day.

Have a great July ahead everyone!