Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!

Hi All! I've been pretty quiet from Christmas till the new year. That's because I've actually been quite ill. Not quite sure where the viral infection came from but it took a couple of days before I could get out of bed. The missus got sick as well and we slept through the entire holidays lol!

I'm out and about a bit more today, and have continued to paint up some miniatures. I selected this old metal miniatures of a Heavy Weapon Team (Missile Launcher) and did some quick painting with a vengeance :)
This was one of the better weapon team options back then as the missile had such a long reach. Of course, I kinda missed quite often.
I've repainted this set of miniatures as I am revamping my Catachan Jungle Fighters. It's been refreshing to paint again after been woozy on medications for the last week!
I got my sights set on painting up more minis in the coming days as payback for lost time. Also hope to finish up as many miniatures as I can assemble/ paint before I start my next job.

Air Cav!
I also finally assembled and primed 3 of my Valkyries. I'm pretty inspired by the US Air Cav from the Vietnam War and will try to paint them up as closely as I can to the Hueys used by the soldiers.

I used the Flat Green spray as a primer and probably final color scheme for my Valkyries. Its a really nice darker shade of army green, and cheap to boot. Got it from Art Friend.

I would like to wish all friends, family and those who have read my blog a Blessed and Healthy 2014 ahead!

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