Monday, January 27, 2014

WIP: Deathwatch Space Marines

Its been an eventful last week, but I'm back to hobbying once again. I've spent the previous week sorting out my bitz and miniatures. I came across 5 unique shoulder pads with the sigil of the Inquisition. I've got a few Space Marine armies and have also always wanted to field some tasty Sternguard Veterans. But its a difficult choice of what colors to paint them. If I paint them the colors of my Dark Angels, then the Flesh Tearers would not have Sternguard...
I decided a great compromise would be to paint my limited Sternguard Vets as the Deathwatch. the Deathwatch are flexible in that they can join any chapter in aiding them to defeat an alien menace. I used the precious new Sternguard models for this project.
The new Sternguard miniatures are really detailed and the box has lots of additional bits to embellish these marines as befits their veteran status.

Brother Aetius
I tried to follow as closely to the original Deathwatch colors of red and black as much as possible.
Brother Aetius pictured above is from the Ultramarines Chapter, currently serving in the Deathwatch.
He proudly wears the icon of the Deathwatch on his left pauldron. The marine wields a Boltgun with Special Ammunition. I find the ability to fire off different types of ammunition to be tactically flexible on the field of battle.
I think they would also prove to be very suited for Kill Team games. The Deathwatch have been an icon of Kill Team games in the past, and I am happy for them to reprise their role. I'll probably add in some Scouts as well to bring it up to 200 points.

Have a great week ahead all!


  1. wow where you get those death watch shoulder pads?

  2. @crazyrat

    I think they were available from the old Space Marine Tactical Squad box set. Only one in each box set.

  3. Or it could be from the SM Command Sprue..i can't remember lol!