Monday, December 23, 2013

Catachan WIP: Sergeant Harker & Friends

Harker is another Catachan character i did a conversion of. The actual model is really nice. But again, the price was a factor in me doing a conversion.
My version of Harker is made from a standard trooper and some parts from the space marine scouts set.
The heavy bolter and arms are from the space marines scout sprue. I chose the head for this trooper as it is the closest to Harker's mohawk hair style.
I decorate his shoulder pad with a sergeant badge. He is not afraid to be identified on the battlefield.
The knife aka Catachan fang on his back is also a bit from the scouts sprue. I think Harker is quite interesting to use in games. His ability to confer Infiltrate and Stealth does open up more options for the army, especially objective missions.

More Jungle Fighters!
The trooper above is sporting the Meltagun. He is dressed in a camo green Muscle T and standard deathworld trooper pants. He appears to be disturbingly happy about toting such a fearsome weapon.
I like the details on this miniature, like his earring and glove.
He also carries his own Catachan knife. I added some kill counters on the blade's sheath to depict the kills for his current mission.
Back view. I still have some highlighting and of course the basing to do. I bought some spanish moss which I'm going to use to base the Catachans.

This fella above is also a Catachan trooper. He carries with him some deadly weaponary besides his harsh language.
He is carrying a demo charge! Enough power to flatten a squad of Space Marines in power armor. If it hits that is..
No bandana on this trooper, but there is a red cloth tied to his rifle representing the blood oath of the Catachans.
I really like the pose of this miniature as its quite dynamic, as if he is readying himself to fling the demo charge at the enemy.

Hope everyone has had a great start to the week! Its the Christmas Week and I would like to wish everyone a Peaceful and Joyful Christmas! Eat, Drink and be Merry ^_^

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