Monday, January 13, 2014

Eldar WIP: Rangers

I've flitted back to the Eldar again. I've re-painted some old miniatures again, and this time its the Rangers! I used to play an Alaitoc Eldar army in the past when the Craftworld Eldar book was out. I really enjoyed the Ranger Disruption Table. Alas, it is no longer usable.
I repainted them in the Iyanden Eldar scheme. The one on the right is the test model. They will be my only squishy troops choice in my Iyanden list.
I think the new Ranger miniatures are much better looking. But the older ones do have their charm as well.
I used Khemri Brown as the base, and washed it with Gryphonne Sepia. The patterns on the Rangers cloaks were painted on using the new paint Zandri Dust. The yellow armor was painted with a base of Tausept Ochre and then layered with Yriel Yellow.
The leather was done using a Scorched Brown base. Then I mixed Scorched Brown with Bestial Brown for the next layer. Bestial Brown was used as a highlight.

Historically, I have quite poor experiences with Rangers and Pathfinders as they do not seem to do much damage at all. I'll probably be using them as objective campers. They fit well into my Iyanden army as they have low points costs. They are also from outside Iyanden during the battle with Hive Fleet Kraken, and will be the only few living units in the army ;)

It's Monday again, and I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead!


  1. Iyanden rematch! Nice camo on the cloaks

  2. Nice touch! Looks much better than mine! I used to play Alaitoc Pathfinders and love it when I disrupted my cousin's Space Marine force. LOL! Good times

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