Friday, January 10, 2014

Blood Angels WIP: Brother Corbulo

I've had the Brother Corbulo miniature for a couple of years. He has been through 4 previous paintjobs, and this will be the fifth, and hopefully will last for some time to come. I collected a Blood Angels army back in 2001. They were later converted to battle brothers of other chapters, equally illustrious.

I decided to give ol' Brother Corbulo a new coat of paint for the year 2014. And plan to use him more in games ;)
My current Blood Angels army is done in the style and fluff of the Flesh Tearers. I had initially wanted to paint Corbulo up in Flesh Tearer colors and just give him a different name. But in the end I decided to paint him up as a Blood Angel that he is. This is because he does travel to other founding chapters and even other chapters to search for the cure for The Flaw.
I went with bone white this time for the Red Grail as I had ran out of metallic gold paint.
"Drink up my brothers! Kanbei!"
Being a metal figure, the backpack was a bit difficult to re-pin as it kept falling off. Maybe because of the heavy paint of past paintjobs haha!

The week is at its end. Hope everyone has had a great week and a fun filled weekend ahead :)



  1. You did a good job on the feathered emblems. Heavy paint or no, those old metal backpacks were a pain no matter what you seemed to do.

  2. Kanbei! LOL!

    Really nice it turned out! I wanna steal this!

  3. @Spellduckwrong
    Thanks for the kind words. I pinned the backpack with the help of some greenstuff. And I would like to add that Corbulo is quite the handsome model lol!

    Sure thang man :)

  4. Very well painted. I hate to paint red!