Saturday, January 4, 2014

WIP: Cypher, Lord of the Fallen

I found my old metal Cypher miniature! I think I purchased him almost 8 years ago! Wow, how time flies! He is still a pretty cool looking mini and with one of the most mysterious and intriguing fluff in the 40K universe.
My Cypher was pretty much caked with paint and primer. He was also converted to holding the sword as he was representing another character. But I re-glued everything to its original place and just painted right on top of all the previous paint. Still a work in progress, but I just had to post him up with the basic colors on.
I also had a read of the new rules regarding Cypher, and I must say I do like how his skills with his pistols are represented in game. He also makes taking Chaos Chosen viable again with Infiltrate.

I still find the material and surface of his armaments and regalias abit awkward to paint. Its as if they do not match, or have too many spiky bits. Especially the sword.
I decided to give some parts of the metals on his armor an old metallic verdigris filled look, with the exception of his weapons of course.
I am really curious as to whether the sword he carries is indeed the famed Lion Sword :)
(Picture from Google Images)
I really need to mention Gun-kata as well as this is what Cypher's insane skills with his pistols remind me of. Christian Bale gives an intense performance in Equilibrium. I would definitely recommend giving it a watch.

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


  1. NICE! 8 years model how time flies LOL! going to get the cypher model as well

  2. Thanks man! He'll add a good bit of narrative to battles too.