Wednesday, January 29, 2014

WIP Project: Tyrannic War Veterans

(Pic taken from Google Images)
I had started an Ultramarines army based on the Tyrannic War Veterans on my blog last year. I got most of the models assembled and primed. I even painted a few test models, but was distracted again by work and other new releases. I'm hoping that with the current Tyrannic War Veterans Dataslate, it would help me to make further progress in completing this themed army :)

I have also increased the army composition from 1750 points to 1850 points as this appears to be the current points level my gaming group are playing at. More goodies to field then.

Here is the Tyrannic War Veterans army list:

1 Chaplain Cassius xxxpts

10 Tyrannic Veterans 2xxpts

9 Tyrannic Veterans 2xxpts
Dedicated Transport: 1 Land Raider (Multi-melta) 2xxpts

5 Assault Terminators 2xxpts
(Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield)

10 Tactical Marines 1xxpts
Vet Sgt w/ Power weapon, 1 Flamer, 1 Missile Launcher
Dedicated Transport: Rhino xxpts

5 Tactical Marines xxpts
1 Missile Launcher
Dedicated Transport: Rhino xxpts

6 Scouts xxpts
6 Camo cloaks, 5 Sniper Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter w/Hellfire Shells

1 Storm Talon 1xxpts
(Skyhammer missile launcher)

1 Storm Talon 1xxpts
(Skyhammer missile launcher)

1 Thunderfire Cannon xxxpts
1 Techmarine

Total: 1838 points

I will give a brief explanation for the units I have chosen for the list below.

Chaplain Cassius
I'm using this model as my Chaplain Cassius as I'm not too fond of the current model. I just have to swap his bolt pistol for Infernus. Cassius is auto include as he is DA MAN for hunting the bugs.

Tyrannic War Veterans (TWV)
First Squad of  TWVs. A full 10 man squad. I have begun to basecoat them in Macragge Blue, very apt me thinks.
The second squad of TMVs. This is a 9 man squad. Likely to be joined by Cassius himself.

I could only give one squad of TMVs the dedicated transport of a mighty Land Raider due to points. They also embody the tactics mentioned in the fluff of the Vets traveling in a Land Raider and then charging out to blast the bugs at the opportune moment. Their Hellfire shells will force many saves even on the monstrous creatures.
Above is the Land Raider that used to belong to my Deathwing army. Its going to be painted blue. I'm planning for my Deathwing to be a pure Terminators only force. Plus the Land Raider also provides good armor and awesome firepower for my TWVs.

Assault Terminators
 I wanted to include 3 units of TMV, but had to give some of the honor to the First Company brothers in terminator armor. They would be a solid combat unit against the Tyranid monstrous creatures. Most of the heads are taken from the new Sternguard Veterans sprue. The helmeted head with the crest is a special order from Puppets War miniatures. He will be my Sergeant and sports the Valour Crest, a hard earned badge of honor that Captain Sicarius also has on his helmet.

Next I added a small unit of Scouts for Troops. This represents the influence of Cassius anti-bug doctrine which has also found supporters amongst the newer brethren. I also had one Scout carry a Heavy Bolter upgraded with choice Hellfire rounds to fit the fluff.

Tactical Marines
I also included a 10 man Tactical Squad. More of Cassius supporters. They are learning from battlefield experience in combating the bugs. I gave the squad a Flamer for clearing smaller organisms, and the Missile Launcher as its such a flexible weapon. The squad also has a Rhino transport (not shown in pic). I may combat squad them depending on the situation. Cassius is often counsels a change in tactics to outwit the Hive Mind. They will load up the Rhino and surge forwards to cleanse the xenos, emulating their TMV brothers style.
I also included a small 5 man Tactical to sit on my backfield objective. I gave them a Missile Launcher so they can still contribute some firepower to the battle. I'll have also give them a Rhino to ride in as well as for protection.

Storm Talons
Next to be included are 2 Storm Talons (just assembled) equipped with Skyhammer Missiles as described in the fluff. Being Flyers with Strafing Run, they can take on ground troops and also threaten Flying MCs. Their formation rule of helping TMVs ignoring cover on a bug unit also synergizes well.

Thunderfire Cannon
Lastly, I added a Thunderfire Cannon and its Techmarine. I had converted and painted the models last year. This Thunderfire itself has the potential to clear Gants and Gaunts by the handful. The Techmarine's fortify ability is also a nice counter to one of the Tyranid warlord traits affecting terrain cover save. Plus the improved cover will also complement the Scouts who are equipped with those sweet Camo cloaks very nicely.

I hope to have at least done some justice to the TWV fluff with the list. It looks fun to play too with some newer units included. The army is very, very WIP, but hopefully that will change soon ;)

I would like to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Chinese New Year!

And a great long weekend ^_^



  1. Are those 2nd edition Space marines with the standard pose?

    Looks good almost table top ready.

  2. Yup, they are indeed the marines from 2nd ed haha!