Monday, December 3, 2012

Tyranids WIP: Tyranicus Chameleo

"Gimme a Kisssss"
Its a brand new week and we are in the first week of the Christmas month :)

I'm currently still working on some of my old Tyranid models for 6th edition. I've been doing mainly head swaps for my 'Nids. The latest 'victim' is the old metal Lictor model.

I've used him in a couple of games and although he does not kill much, he is a worthy distraction for my opponent hehe! I've painted him using the old Citadel Warlock Purple, which is sadly now no longer in production.

The basecoat was Chaos Black with Warlock Purple mix (1:1). I then layered on pure Warlock Purple. The main carapace I painted black, as well as its claws and the other sharp hook like stuff. Highlights were done with Bleached Bone and Warlock Purple mix of 1:1, adding progressively more Bleached Bone with each subsequent highlight.
I painted the flesh hooks a slight purple to give it a third contrasting color. I only Gloss Varnished the head carapace to give it the shiny Alien xenomorph look.
I'm going to be using Warlock Purple only for the bigger and more elite Tyranid organisms as I don't have much of the ol' Warlock Purple paint left.
I usually use the Lictor to represent Deathleaper. This Tyranid special character is really useful. I especially like his Leadership reducing ability as well as being able to reappear anywhere on the board from Reserves.

Moar Genestealers!
A slight variation in the skin tone here as these were done using the 'new' Warlock Purple" otherwise known as Screamer Pink. Its a tad darker than Warlock Purple but still kinda in the same shade..
The one on the green base had a white undercoat, while the one of the right had a black undercoat. Not much significant difference in the shade though haha!

Hope to get more of these guys re-painted soon...but there's a lot going on in personal life with both job and family so it might take while.

Have a great start to the week everyone! And for those on holidays, have a splendid time ;)


  1. Thanks Ray :)) Its been great fun re-working the 'Nids!

  2. Want to play against your nids! Heard fun stories of your games against Dan and DF.

  3. Sure manz! I wanted to game today but fell ill. Next week?