Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tyranid Revamp: The D.O.M.

I'm moving on to my next creature in the Tyranid Army Revamp! This one needs no introduction, being the Doom of Malan'tai. Unfortunately, there is no model out for the DOM yet. So I looked to the Venomthrope and the occupant of a toy that I use as a Mycetic Spore pod to create the Doom.
Me and enrgie (Ray) got a bunch of these egg toys from a Toy Fair some time ago. The toy is made by Mega Bloks and its from their Plasma Hatcher series. Its a great find and the toy is of really good quality. I would definitely encourage others in getting some, if they can get their hands on any still available.

The Conversion
I cut the hatchling toy from the egg at an angle to get the head off. Used a small saw for that. I then cut off the front part of the Venonthrope's head so I could mount the big brain on the body.
I sculpted the brain using greenstuff and some plastic to provide the structure beneath. A fully greenstuffed brain with solid interior would have been far too heavy otherwise.
I did not use the lash whips. Those will be going to my Old Hive Tyrant and Tyranid Prime :) The small claws and arms on the conversion are parts from the Tervigon kit.
He was a bit difficult to balance at the start. I finally solved the issue (hopefully) by adding a metal weight to the back. I also heated up the tail end so it bends behind lower to support the weight. I then included an additional stabilizer using paperclip to pin the model in position.
After priming it black, I was ready to get to painting. Its likeness is not same as the Doom in the Tyranid Codex. Mine has a different backstory and name, but it is a 'counts as' version.

So here is my very own take of the D.O.M....

 Ok just kidding! Not this D.O.M.

This one:
Here is my version of the famous creature, mostly finished except for highlights. I call it the Soulfeeder of Saphene. Will post the backstory at the end ;)
A view of its brainy details. I painted it to look fleshy to give it a more organic feel.
I used it in a few games and it has always provided lots of entertainment on the field of battle. Its really good at distracting the enemy. But left unchecked, it can be quite a pain. I recently picked Biomancy for it, and it rolled the Iron Arm power. I had wanted the Haemorrage power, but Iron Arm really was more effective in the end! It just would not die lol!
I also plan to model an Eldar or human soldier on the base, with a soul coming out of it. I think it'll give the character an even better representation of its Spirit Leech ability.

The Fluff: The Soulfeeder of Saphene

The Soulfeeder is a bio-organism that has brought much terror and ruin to the Shrine World of Saphene. It was first encountered in the Coronis Harbour District, where its mycetic pod must have descended into the coastal waters.

The first sign that something was amiss was when the fish merchants noted incoming vessels all devoid of any attempts at communications. No response came from vox channels when hailed. When the first fishing vessel finally drifted listlessly into the docks, the crew were found lifeless, with nary a scratch on them. 

The ensuing weeks saw more vessels discovered in similar eerie conditions, until one night when the creature finally reached the shores of Coronis Harbour. It rose from the waters on a shimmering field of energy radiating dread and horror. Death had arrived.

Hope all who read this has been duly intrigued.

Have a great week ahead everyone! And Happy Holidays to All :)

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  1. I want one!!! Damn I threw my "toy" from the plasma hatchers series all away!