Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tyranids Army Revamp: Tyranicus Praefactor

AKA The Hive Tyrant.

As can be seen from my previous few posts, I've caught the Tyranid bug (pun intended) and am repainting my old Tyranids. My old Hive Fleet, Mandasar awakens to of the fleet's bio-alarm clock to a hearty breakfast, tea, lunch, dinner, supper in 6th Edtion :)

Thus, I decided to repaint my metal Hive Tyrant. Had to mount him on a bigger base too.

He or she, or it, is still a work in progress. I kinda used the Tyrant as a test model for the final color scheme. Not a very good thing to do in hindsight. But the Tyrant came through it relatively ok. I think I'll stick with the scheme.

Here he is with Twin Linked Brainleech Devourers. The Devourers are all pinned so I can swap them out for scything talons or Bone swords & Lash Whips.
This old Tyrant is probably much smaller than the newer ones, but I've got a special attachment to this Tyrant as its head reminds me fondly of the xenomorph queen from Aliens. The devourers are made from the Termagant Devourer arms.
Another shot of the Hive Tyrant. The 12 twin linked strength 6 shots are going to be awesome! Its also looking fashionable as I heard Devourers are the preferred accessories of the Tyranid upper class these days.
But that also means I have to decide if I want to shoot the Devourers, or fire off Paroxysm instead. A tough choice, and may depend on the situation at hand I guess.
A close up look at them Brainleech Devourers. I greenstuffed some eyes on them guns. I hope they hit more often now that they are able to see their target heheh!

Parting Shot
This Tyranid WIP also possible because of the new Citadel Screamer Pink (base color) and Game Color Warlord Purple (for highlights).

Hope all had a good weekend. I just recovered again from the sniffles. Looking forward to next gaming session with me buddies as I missed out on this weekend's games.

I wish everyone the pink of health :)


  1. Did you mix your Warlord Purple with white or something similar? It looks way too pink to be out of the bottle!

  2. 12 Str6 TL shots! My previous game against 2K IG wasn't pretty. Eating blast plates non-stop. Was wining 9-8 end of turn 5. Alas the dice (chaos) gods decide to forsake me and I lost 11-3 on turn 6...

  3. @enrgie
    Yeah man! Good eye! I mixed in Bleached Bone (or whatever its equivalent is these days hehe) with a mix of more Bleached Bone for successive highlights ;)

    Wow! what a big turnaround on the last turn man! What happened? Maybe you should deep strike some units in to soak up the fire. IG got lots of firepowa!