Sunday, December 16, 2012

Imperial Guard WIP: Lord Commissar

I've been lucky to get a miniature as fine as the Lord Commissar to paint, courtesy of my gaming buddy JaeRoler. The Lord Commissar is supposed to be mainly red and black, but I was given some artistic license to the colors.

As my friend mainly runs his army as to Chaos/Traitor Guard, I was inspired to paint him to some likeness to the baddest and most diabolical character from the Street Fighter universe ;) 
The Lord Commissar who will one day take over the world! Already he leads a powerful Traitor Guard army, bristling with melta, plasma and much ordnance.
I kept his cloak dark out of practicality of the battlefield, and cos' black makes him a little more sinister looking.
He does make quite a dashing figure, especially atop a tank bellowing orders.

Hope to see more of his exploits on the battlefield in games to come!



  1. Bison! lol more reason to slay him.

  2. Hehehe! I wanted to named him Lord Marcus Byson.