Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scourge of the Xenos

I had always wanted to fight the alien and the monstrous. They are foes easily identified by their inhuman features and vicious dispositions. The Tyranids and their bio-diversity personify the horror of a monstrous alien perfectly. Kinda like St George and his nemesis the Dragon.

Which may also explain why a majority of my 40k armies are also all from the Forces of Order in the 40K universe. However, with all the heroes in readiness, there were not many 'dragons' to slay.

The games i could get against the Tyranids have been few and far between. I had the most fun battling the alien horror in Brisbane, where there was a regular Tyranid player at the local GW store.

I had been inspired to form an Ultramarines army back then because of the promise of battles against the Tyranids. To this end, nothing could have been more apt than the Ultramarines 3rd Company. Also known as The Scourge of the Xenos.

I've been re-inspired to paint up that Ultramarines army once again, after getting a few games in with enrgie's Tyranids. I also had fun from playing the alien horrors meself! If you can't beat 'em...

I will be attempting to pit the army I formed almost 2 years ago against the alien horror. I just love the image of few lone marines surrounded by a sea of Tyranids, shouting defiant taunts at the beasts as they go down in suitably heroic fashion. 

The list is as follows. 

1 Captain Airidas xxxpts
(Pedro Kantor counts as)

1 Librarian Beltan xxxpts

9 Sternguard Vets 285pts
Sgt Glaidus w/ Power Axe, 3 Combi-plasma, 2 Lascannons (aka Magmaburn Cannon)

9 Sternguard Vets 285pts
Sgt Vaeran w/ Power Axe, 3 Combi-melta, 2
Lascannons (aka Magmaburn Cannon)

Avengers of Prandium
10 Terminators 460pts
Sgt Calidus w/ Power sword
2 Cyclone Missile Launchers

10 Tactical Marines 235pts
Missile Launcher, Flamer, Sgt Ixion w/ Power Axe & Teleport Homer
Drop Pod

5 Scouts 110pts
Sgt Remus
Sniper Rifles+Camo Cloaks, 1 Heavy Bolter (Hellfire Rounds)

Heavy Support
1 Thunderfire Cannon xxxpts
Techmarine Paxius

Total: 1750pts

I have another list that has all Assault Terminators as counter assault. But I kinda like the shooty list better as it contributes firepower in the first few turns of the game. However, I did use the assault termis to good effect in my games in Brisbane as there were Mawlocs appearing in my backlines. I did lose most of the games, but they were a blast!

How will it do in 6th Ed? Well I'm not too worried, as long as its fun, AND gives me those heroic last stands! The stuff of legend :)

WIP: Some Pics of the 3rd Company
Above are some Ultramarine Sternguard Veterans I converted a few years ago. I had included a Tyranid skull on top of each Veteran. The fluff, if I remember correctly, was that each Marine has to slay a Genestealer in close combat to complete the rite of becoming a Sternguard Veteran.
Above pics are the Sternguard Veterans wielding some heavy support. I converted the above to be Lascannon equivalents in game. I call them my Magmaburn Cannons, specially designed to slay monstrous creatures, Eldar Avatars included hehe!
A group shop of the WIP Sternguard Veterans. I had to do some repairs as a few were damaged on the way home from Brisbane.

WIP: Techmarine Paxius
The WIP Techmarine i made at about the same time. He's made from a combination of bitz from different Space Marine kits. And a plastic toothpick.
The head is from the Dark Angel Ravenwing box set. The axe is from the old Space Wolves Grey Hunters sprue. The torso and shoulder pads are from the Space Marine driver that comes with the Rhino kit.
The backpack is the bit from the Devastators box set, as is the small servo arm. The servitor skull as well.
A clearer view of the backpack. As for the Thunderfire Cannon, I had been using a proxy. But I am now considering the Mantic Warpath Jotunn Hailstorm Cannon. Its way more affordable, at least for me.

And finally, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, Good Health and Joy in Every Day!



  1. My what long gunshot have.

    The better to chew on!!

    I'm the hive mind and I consume!!

  2. Hehe! Those are my counts as Laze-kannons!

    They have a current record of 4 last stands out of 5 (means I lost 4 games and drew 1 against the Brissie Nid player).

    Can't wait to pit them up against more Tyranids!