Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tyranid Revamp WIP: Corporaptor Primus

Otherwise known as the Brood Lord. I've been working on converting my Xenomorph Broodlords from the normal Genestealer box set. Am doing this as I find the actual Broodlord model to a tad expensive.
I cut the leg off the standard Genestealer  at the hip area. Also cut off the tail end. I just re-glued the tail facing the back. For the leg, I repositioned until it was standing in a more upright position.
I then adjusted the other leg and attached the arms and signature xenomorph head. The xenomorph heads are from Chapterhouse Studios. I really like them the product as its well sculpted and light weight. Its also resin and easy to drill holes to pin on any torso of choice ;)
Back view. I also used the carapace to add bulk and differentiate the Brood Lords further from the standard Genestealer. This strangely reminds me of ballet dancing...
The Broodlord on the right appears to be doing the moonwalk hehe! Jeeeann-stealerrr~
I managed to put on the base colors. The base is Screamer Pink from GW. I then added a wash of Leviathan Purple to deepen the recesses. They are now ready for layering and highlights.
The Broodlord on the right is again the cheeky one. He is seen here asking his buddy on the left a High-Five (or Three). I just hope don't rend each other by accident!

Below are the Corporaptor Hominis aka Genestealers (or Jean-stealers). They are mostly basecoasted and ready for highlights as well.

The Broodlords Posse
The newer version of the Genestealers are bigger than their earlier brethren. Also helps heaps for me to tell the groups apart if they are clustered into a single melee.

Oh! And its 22.12.2012 as I post this. The world has not ended and continues to turn. And I for one am glad we are all still here. That is until the Genestealer Invasion in 2017 hehehe!

And on that note, I wish a Very Merry Christmas to All!


  1. But genestealers suckkkkkkk lol

  2. @crazyrat
    This reminds me of Little Britian's Kenny Craig master hypnotist character. hilarious with the Look into my eyes trick he always uses. Must be a Broodlord lol!

    They're still quite the beasts in close combat. Great for misdirection via outflanking and also counter attacking. Plus they are troops man ;)