Monday, November 26, 2012

Tyranids WIPs

I had great fun playing the Tyranids in 6th Edition. I started a Tyranid army many years ago with the aim of making an epic game of aliens vs heroes of the Imperium. Sadly I was more into the heroism of humanity and the alien menace fell into neglect.

I collected many armies from the Imperium to fight the alien menace, but sadly I do not do much battle with Tyranids. Well, I've decided to restart my Tyranid army so I can see the Imperium's battles against them. Except this time, I'm playing the Tyranids, and secretly cheering for the good guys lol!

When I paint up another army, I try to make sure its a color that is different from my existing armies. I decided on Warlock Purple Nids as I have not really seen them before ;)

Above is an Alien Xenomorph from the Alien vs Predator Arcade game that inspired it all.

I did some conversion to add on the Xenomorph heads from Chapterhouse Studios.
I cut the back of the Xenomorph head give the Genestealer and more dog like, bulky look in the front.
Greenstuffed the neck area...
And he's done!

So here's a test model of my converted Alien inspired Genestealer!

I used a basecoat of Abadon Black with Warlock Purple as a base. Then I layered on the Warlock Purple.
Back view of the Genomorph.

I applied the Gloss Varnish to the top of the head for the organic smooth alien feel.
Comin' at cha!

Hive Tyrant WIP
Also did some work on the olde Hive Tyrant. He's seen some battles in the past and is recovering from rubber claw syndrome. He did not hit or wound much during his recent battles lol!

I'll repaint him in the same Warlock Purple scheme.
I modified the lower arms to for weapon options.
 So here he is pretending to be the Swarmlord.
Here he is with Twin Linked Devourers.
A closer pic of the converted Twin Linked Devourers, made from the Termagant Devourer arms.

That's all I got for now :)

Have a good start to the week everyone!


  1. Sam! Can I ask your help with Twin Linked Devourers? I need to make some but mine are butt ugly. LOL! I'm quite bad with GS too. Any chance you can make a tutorial or make me two sets (i.e. 4 arms).

  2. @enrgie
    Sure man, I can do 4 of the TL Devourer arms for ya :)

  3. @crazyrat
    Hehe! Its Aliens all over again ;)