Thursday, January 3, 2013

WIP: Ultramarines Tactical Squad

Its 2013!! And a new year for more miniature goodness :)

I actually passed the new year feeling a bit under the weather over last weekend. But I did manage to sack up and painted a couple of Ultramarines from the 3rd Company.

I had a few hours of painting stamina left before the purity seals failed, and got all base colors onto some re-used Space Marines. These are some of my hardcore Space Marine miniatures. Not the uncoated marines from the previous post. They were under their current Ultramarines Blue previously bearing the colors of Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Celestial Lions and Angels of Absolution. 5 hefty coats of paint under the current one!

They are currently well deserving of their 3+ armor save through paint alone lol!
I'm probably not likely to improve on the current paintjob except for some highlights as I want to get this army done quickly.

Courage and Honor!

Have a Super start to the year 2013 everyone! Game on!

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