Monday, January 21, 2013

Ultramarines Terminator (WIP)

Its the beginning of the work week, but I've also found time to do some hobbying. I selected the most paint encrusted Terminator and set to painting meself an Ultramarine!
I tried my best to follow as closely to the old Ultramarine Codex colors from 3rd Ed. The old metal Termis do have a certain charm and air of nostalgia about them. I got some Mordian Blue paint and it works better than Regal Blue as a base. I added on a mix of Ultramarines Blue+Mordian Blue mix of (40:60) as a layer.
I then highlighted the edges Ultramarines Blue. This was followed by an highlight mix of Ultramarines Blue+Space Wolves Gray (40:60). The final highlight was one of Space Wolves Gray+Ultramarines Blue (60:40).
I really like the old chevron motifs on the power fist. They add that bit of character and color to the otherwise blue armor.
Back view. Well, not much to say here. I just wonder if they are issued with any thermal!

Oh, and I'm also reading this:
For the Lion!! I'm thinking of finally putting together and playing a Ravenwing Army! And it looks viable without any further miniature purchases ;)

Have a great week ahead all!


  1. Nice work on Ultras! Didn't realise you had an Ultramarine army too.

    I want to play against your DA army! Get those flyers!

  2. @crazyrat
    The new DA Codex is very interesting. I like the new units, quite fluffy.

    The Ultramarines army is actually made from leftover marine parts n bitz. Alot were paint encrusted marines I dared not touch (too tedious to clean up). No vehicles available as they all went to my Flesh Tearers :) Should be fun to play haha!