Sunday, January 20, 2013

WIP: Techmarine Paxius

Its a really rainy weekend. Plus I was hovering around the edge of falling ill. Good thing the purity seals held hehe! I added on most of the base colors for my converted Techmarine. Above is the Tyranid trophy skull mounted on his power axe, painted in the colors of Hive Fleet Behemoth.

Here he is, mostly done but with need of lots of highlighting and some touching up to the armor. I painted washed Red Gore over a white undercoat. It took about 4 washes and then I layered on some Red Gore. The armor was highlighted with Fiery Orange and Red Gore mix.
Side view of the Mechanicus symbol on his shoulder pad. The servo skull and the Tyranid head appear to be talkin' to each other!
Techmarine Paxius scanning the horizon for more 'Nids to add on his power axe. I really like the servo skull peeking out of his backpack. Also a bit for the Space Marine Devastator box set.
Back view. His backpack is from the Missile Launcher Devastator Marine. I added on a signum/ scanner thingy to it.
Paxius is pictured here with his beloved Thunderfire Cannon. I'm certain they have had many conversations together in complex  binary ;)

Next week appears to be a busy one, with two Saturdays having to be at work.

Take care everyone, and I wish you all pockets of happiness and relaxation even through the storms of life.