Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ravenwing Stash (Plus Army List)

Distracted yet again! No painting done today as I spent time digging out my entire collection of bikers, mainly the scattered contents of 3 Ravenwing battleforces I got roughly 2, maybe 3 years ago. GW plastics are like stocks that just keep appreciating man! Lol! The box sets would be quite expensive to get now...

Here's the Ravenwing Army that I put together mainly from the battleforce sets. Sammael is the old metal model and yes, he is still in the box. The Deathwing squad behind were added as I had no more Ravenwing unit models. Plus their presence is fluffy :) Some of the bikers themselves are metals, from quite a while back.

Click the pic for a larger view.

Below is the list that I came up with using the models available, in accordance to the new unit costs from the just released Dark Angels Codex.

So here it is:
Ravenwing 1750 point list

1 Master of Ravenwing XXXpts
on Jetbike

6 Deathwing Terminators 284pts
3 Thunderhammer /Stormshield, 2 Lightning Claws, 1 Storm Bolter/Chainfist

Troops (Fast Attack)
6 Ravenwing Bikers 206pts
Sgt w/Power fist, 2 Bikers w/ Flamers
6 Ravenwing Bikers 276pts
Sgt w/Power weapon, meltabomb, 2 Bikers w/ Plasmagun
1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

6 Ravenwing Bikers 276pts
Sgt w/Power weapon, meltabomb, 2 Bikers w/ Plasmagun
1 Attack Bike w/ Multi-melta

6 Ravenwing Bikers 271pts
Sgt w/Power fist, 2 Bikers w/meltagun
1 Attack Bike w/Multi-melta

3 Land Speeder Typhoons 225pts (Selected as part of Ravenwing Attack Squadron)
Typhoon Missile Launchers

Total: 1738pts

So lots of maneuverability which I'll need it to survive the game. It'll probably be challenging to play. But it sure sounds fun zooming around! Many thanks to crazyrat for providing some of the new Ravenwing bikers from the Dark Vengeance starter set ;)


  1. Yes agree with the GW stuffs like appreciating stocks. The Battleforce/Battalion cost like S$150 now, I used to get it for like S$90+ for the same thing... I still have a substantial amount of in shrink wrap unopened GW stuffs guess I am going to be RICH! LOL.

    Looks scary this very fast list.

    NP man. I don't play DA and you are the only DA player in our gaming group.

  2. @enrgie
    Thanks Ray!

    You are sitting on a gold mine bro! When you sell the stock, the profit is almost a guarantee man haha!

    Yea, I packed squeezed all available bikes into the list. I see myself running away lots, with opportunistic firing as I do so ;)

  3. Sam when can you play? I love the fact your army is so nicely painted, has a target (you always do a list before you commit to painting) and you are happy to play whatever that looks nice. 1750 Nids waiting for you.

    Ohyea, I really would welcome your posts on our blog too! You are an admin there

  4. @enrgie
    Hey Ray, sorry bout the late reply man. Been really swamped at work lately.

    Cool! Looking forward to a battle against the 'Nids with my Ultramarine 3rd Company :)

    Yeah i usually just put together a list based on what I got on hand. Am trying to form armies from the remaining stash of plastic models hehe!

    Sure man, you can re-post my stuff as well. I'm too lazy to post twice lol!