Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lady in Red

Howdy all! No updates in a bit with the same old reason. Lots of work, too tired to paint. But the fires of hobbying still burn strong apparently :)

Painted up one of the Viktorias from Malifaux for gaming buddy Jaeroler. She was quite fun to paint and i kept in mind the fluff that Jaeroler wrote as well as his request for a red and gold scheme.

I tried to stay true to the original scheme as well as adding bits of gold to the mini. I though the black contrasted well with the gold on a backdrop of her red coat.

Other profile view of Viktoria with the silverish hair.

View of the sword.

Rear view.


I finally painted the basic white for all the Terminator helmets. Next step will either be the eye lenses or the chest plates. Good thang BTs are majority in black armor.

I added a Sgt with a bionic face plate to break up the monotony of white helmets.

The Termi Sgt from Black Reach will be this Squad's Sgt.

em4 Troopers
My order of Troopers for my Ultraman Army came in from em4 Miniatures. They have excellent minis with good detail and very reasonable prices!

I got 10 packs of 5 for a total of 50 men. They represent the Science Patrol soldiers of the Ultraman movies. In game, they will be my counts as Pink Horrors hehehe! Will also field 2 GD as Ultraman. Likely one Tzeentch and one Khorne :P

Thats all for the week folks! I wish u all a good October ;)


  1. Very very nice! Mighty thanks!

  2. Amazing work on Viktoria! Remind me of this

    Frothing mad man army, cant wait to face your all terminators BT.

    EM4!?!?! sound like some streaming nonsense but their miniatures are not bad.

  3. @JaeRoler
    No probs man! Glad ya like it :))

    Thanks man!

    Am getting the Termi's painted bit by bit. So far its 2 Squads of five man Termis with 2x Cyclone Launchers. And 1 squad of 5 TH/SS+2 LC. The Troops are 4 squads of five man Initiates with Lascannon and Plasmagun. I'll top it off with a LRC. Characters are a basic Reclusiarch and The Emperor's Champ.

    Yeah, em4 minis are real neat! Can start many proxy armies with their plastic minis selection. Its where i got my "Storm Troopers" for my Star Wars counts as SoB 40K army :)

  4. WoW. Sexy!

    IT's good to see your painted models again. Always inspiring me to pick up my paintbrush! =)

  5. @Krom

    Thanks man!

    It feels great to be paintin' stuff again! Hope to have more time to do so in the future.