Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekend WIPs

This weekend has been a really fast one again. The end of a weekend feels like the chill of winter coming, but without the Christmas-sy feeling.

I did get some hobbying done, as well as other interesting distractions.


I finally got down to assembling the Viktorias fromj Malifaux. These are a friend's models and i plan to paint them up real soon. The irony of the difficulties in assembly cannot be better expressed by the two sisters.

The sister on the left was easy to assemble. Actually no assembly needed lol! I just glued her to the base. The one on the right was a bit of a pain to put together. The hand joints are so small i could not do much pinning. And she's kinda floating above the base at the moment hehe!

A Japanese Castle
I went to Taka on the weekend and got this foam architecture set for cheap. They were having toy sale again :)

The instructions were clear and i did not break too many of the joints :P

The model is that of the Himeji-Jo Castle in Japan. Its one of the oldest castles and i think its really beautiful.

Other view of the model. It looks like a real nice place to live.

I also got meself 2 Ultraman figures. They are for a mad project i'm planning to do up using my leftover miniatures. Below are Ultraman Powered on the left and Ultraman Great in the right. I hope to make my next proxy army great and powerful muahaha!

I'll be proxying an Ultraman themed army. Will be using leftover Imperial Guardsmen and Karskin to represent the Science Patrol dudes. As the Science Patrol have Superguns, i'll be using them as counts as Pink Horrors of Tzeentch :) The Ultramen will be my Lord of Change.

I'm dangerously bored from being too tired to paint due to work commitments...

Somethang 40K!
I've been kinda workin' on my Fantasy Wood Elves army as my gaming group is playing more Fantasy these days. But i've gone back to give my Black Templars some TLC.

Am working on my group of 7 Assault Terminators. Gonna paint up all the white areas of the models first. Then slowly work my work to the rest of the details. Also got 10 Shooty Termis to work on after that. Am making a Termi heavy army- The Sword of Sigismund!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! All the best for the next week all!


  1. Nice terrain, perfect for skirmish games. LOL you really bought the ultraman!!!

    More terminators! digging up goodies when you least expect.

  2. Thanks man :)

    Yeah i couldn't resist and bought the Ultraman. Gonna be a real treat using them on the battlefield. The list won't work, but it'll be fun before it gets wiped lol!

    I hope to find more goodies ;P

  3. Time to bring out my Godzilla =)

    Clash of the Titans!

  4. @Krom

    Yeah manz! It'll be epic haha!